I have my next LDA treatment this coming Friday. The three-day protocol starts on Thursday. I have bought my lamb and other necessary ingredients for the three day diet and will make my lamb stew on Wednesday so that I will be all set. I will also be reblogging LDA Days 1-3 again as well.


Tomorrow starts my three critical days during my LDA treatment which is the day before treatment, the day of treatment and the day after.  It is during these days that I have to be the most careful.  The diet for those three days because I am receiving treatment for food allergies/sensitivities is very specific.  If I veer from the foods allowed I risk becoming sensitized to them and could possibly lose them until my next treatment.  I am now doing treatments every four to five months so that would be miserable to lose a food for that long because I didn’t follow the protocol.

My house smells of lamb; the smell of lamb stewing in a pot and the smell of lamb frying in a skillet in attempt at rendering out the fat.   During the critical three days I am not able to use any spice other than non iodized…

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  1. Tomorrow is Day 1 of my 4th LDA treatment. I have such a rough time with the diet. I can’t stand the lamb, can’t find the rabbit or venison. I’ve tried just fasting but ended up in a full hypoglycemic seizure and it scared the heck out of my husband and I. Not sure what I should do this round.

    • I am so sorry Livia. If I am not mistaken I saw vennison at a Sprouts. Whole Foods used to carry Vennison and Rabbit in the freezer section. Can you tolerate the white fish? I like lamb but after three days, I am truly done. Can you eat any of the vegetables listed? Maybe just make a pot of vegetable stew. I think I am on my 15th LDA or something like that.

      • Thanks. We don’t have a ‘Sprouts’ in our area. I’m out in the boonies on an acreage. I might try some white fish. Do you feel that the LDA is helping? Right now I’m on Day 1 with sinusitis and a major headache. My whole neck and shoulders are so sore too. We’re not allowed to take any anti inflammatories I guess. I can only tolerate a bit of compounded ibuprofen anyways I was checking into this Histame product that I’m hoping might help with some of the food allergies. Have you heard of this product?
        I guess that it might not work for MCS but maybe it would help with the food allergies.

      • What is different today (Day 1) other than you aren’t taking your medications? How long ago did you stop them? Do you drink caffeine? If you didn’t taper off of it you are going to be in for headaches. In the beginning I would get sinusitis and infections within a week after my injections and then it would go away. I do feel that it is helping me. However after injections on Treatment 4 through until I received number 6, I went backwards. My sinuses were always congested. I have read that this can happen.

        I am not sure what Histamine product you are talking about. I do have histamine but it came from a different doctor. My histamine helps me when I have a reaction whether from chemicals, mold or food. It works by telling my body that it already has histamine and therefore my body stops producing more in response to my exposure.

        There is a rare meat website where you could order vennison or rabbit. Do you know any hunters? Any 4-H kids that raise and sell rabbits? Just a thought. I will try and see if I can find the name of the site for the meat.

      • I apologize for my late reply.
        Not much is different leading up to my LDA shots in terms of avoidance. I avoid as much as possible all the time. But just one whiff of the neighbour’s fabric softener venting from their home or their wood smoke and I’m in for another bout of sinusitis and at least a bad headache or a migraine. This last round lasted for 4 days, so I had to postpone my LDA shots from Friday until yesterday. I had the lamb and now I believe that I may be sensitive to lamb as well. I am so against hunters so it would be against my morals to ask ‘one’ for some of their bounty. I wish that I could tolerate just fasting but when I tried that before I had a seizure. Thanks for letting me know about your experiences for treatments 4 thru 6 perhaps I’m experiencing the same response (going backwards) because that is what I’m feeling but wasn’t entirely sure. I tend to doubt my own instincts because I feel like I’m whining all the time.
        I discovered that the ‘Histame’ product is infact porcine kidney and it’s not clear where they purchase their porcine. I was interested in this theory of histamine intolerance. They recommend taking a couple of enzymes to help for food intolerance DAO and HNMT.
        With my sinusitis, it can be so painful as my eye socket, or pretty much my half or entire face is so sore to the touch and feel and can often include my lymph nodes on the face and neck, the back of my neck and shoulders and feels like an eternity to finally pass. It’s impossible to sleep or to do much of anything and my EHS’s are extremely heightened at the same time.There is nothing that I can take or do it seems to relieve the pain. I try the nedi pot, steam, I can’t tolerate any pain killers other than the compounded ibuprofen (which doesn’t help), ice packs or cold cloths on my face, Dr. Sherry Roger’s detox cocktail…are of no help. The headaches and sinusitis occur much too regularly.
        I have been on numerous assorted diets and have had many allergy tests. I’m on the rotation diet. Each time that I have a test run, the results vary so it’s hard to pin point what is infact safe for me to eat other than to keep a diary and just try things. This is so risky because my reactions are so painful. I am so frustrated, and extremely scared of having more of the same pain. I just wish that I could curb this awful cycle as it’s hard enough to deal with the typical MCS symptoms.
        I surely would welcome some advice on how to at least find some safe form of pain relief for the headaches, migraines and or sinusitis.
        At my LDA treatment yesterday my husband asked the doctor what level of MCS he considered I have and he said that I am the worst case he has seen. At least I’m very good at something 😉
        Thanks for your feedback thus far!

      • I try and keep myself isolated during the critical three days and continue to stay isolated for a few days after the three days. I am not aware of the histamine product or the enzymes you have mentioned. I follow the pink book directions to the nth and then some.

        I lived on pain pills for a long time (they were compounded) until they started making me sick. I have found that acupuncture helps with the sinus pain and magnesium IV’s. Of course I can’t do
        acupuncture any closer than seven days before or seven days after LDA. For me, Ice and cold makes my face worse; heat seems to help somewhat.

        Yes, I was one of my doctor’s worst too. I am not sure about my current doctor because I have been in treatment for quite some time and don’t present as I did in the beginning.

        The results probably vary because you immune system is never the same every day. There is also the cross reactivity with foods during certain pollen seasons.

        I will research the enzymes you mentioned. I hope you feel better and do better on this shot.

      • Thanks,
        You are so much better for following the pink book so carefully. I try my very best but I do miss the mark on a couple of things.
        I am so excited because I actually felt pretty good here for the last few days. Yesterday I was on the computer too long and the EMF’s really affected me. Otherwise, I had many exposures that would have bothered me but I did not react as I normally would so this is very encouraging! This is the first time that I have felt something positive from the LDA.
        As for the sinusitis, yes heat was usually my first choice but for my face and lymph nodes I’m finding that a cool-cold cloth has helped me.
        I might have to try acupunture for the sinusitis although I find the needles to be so painful. I have little or no threshold for pain these days.

        Thanks again for all of your suggestions and feedback!

        Take care

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