My Three-Day Lamb Stew

I have commented about what I eat during the three-critical days during my LDA (low dose antigen) therapy. For breakfast I have hashbrowns (made from fresh organic potatoes and no added ingredients) seasoned with iodine-free sea salt and a ground lamb patty. I am not allowed to use any oils so I render the fat from the lamb roast into a lard that I can fry the potatoes in.

Rendering the lamb fat into lard.

Rendering the lamb fat into lard.

The rendered fat.

The rendered fat.

For lunch, dinner and any time I am hungry in between I eat lamb stew or a plain baked potato or sweet potato.  My lamb stew is made with 4 1/2 to 5 lbs. of lamb roast cut into stew size chunks (this has to last me for three days).

Lamb Meat in the Dutch Oven.

Lamb Meat in the Dutch Oven.

Next come all the vegetables that I am allowed to have:

1 pkg. organic celery, chopped

32 oz. organic baby carrots, chopped

Outer leaves of one organic green cabbage, chopped

3 organic sweet potatoes, cubed

4 organic potatoes, cubed

3 litre bottles Mountain Valley Spring Water in Glass

Sea Salt (non iodized)

My lamb stew ingredients.

My lamb stew ingredients.

Dinner is ready!

Dinner is ready!



2 responses to “My Three-Day Lamb Stew

  1. Is it yummy? I’ve never had lamb.

    • I actually do like lamb, especially chops. The stew, to me, is quite delicious. But after three days of having it all day long, I don’t want it for a while. It seems just when I think I might want it, it is time to do the shots and my lamb stew.

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