Ok – so it is official. It’s all about lamb. Today is Critical Day 1 for me as I prepare for my LDA tomorrow.


Ok, I am officially in the Critical Days of my LDA treatment.  This morning I had my ground lamb patty and hash browns cooked in lamb fat (boy that sounds like something from the 1800’s doesn’t it).  I am dining on my delicious lamb stew and sipping on sparkling water as I type this post.  My books are put away until I can safely read them (about five days after my shots).  So I sit here with blank paper, pens, and my computer.  In the background is my stereo playing some old songs from the past.  Songs that bring back memories of life before illness.

LDA (low dose antigen) therapy is an immunotherapy that takes multiple antigens in extremely low doses and is combined with a mixture of enzymes including beta-glucoronidase.  Beta-glucuronidase is an immune modulator found in all cells and activates extremely low amounts of various allergens (extremely small amounts when compared to standard allergy…

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