Ok I am off for my LDA. I have updated the last time I posted about my trip and am reblogging.


Hello Everyone.

I just finished eating day two of ground lamb and hash browns for breakfast.  My lunch time meal of lamb stew is heating on the stove in preparation for the thermos that I have finally purchased.   My water is in the car, my ipod has been charged, and my Kindle is charged and loaded with a new book.   I am preparing for the 2 1/2 hour trip each way to get my LDA.  I am anxious to get it done and to be one day closer to finishing the critical 3 days and to getting all those yummy foods back into my diet.

Today I am meeting with a new doctor because my doctor left the practice.  I am looking forward to meeting the new doctor (a naturopath) and getting and having him sign off to continue with the protocol there. 

I am not looking forward to the headache that usually…

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