Life is what happens

I was reading a book (one of my mystery books by Tami Hoag). As I was reading, I came upon this sentence:  Life is what happens when we’re making other plans.

This pretty much sums up my life.  I was busy making other plans – starting back to work, my daughters were finishing high school and I was looking forward to summers doing fun things and the possibility of traveling with my husband.  Then “life” happened and my life turned upside down.  I became ill, work eventually ended and the possibility of traveling suspended.

We always thought there would be plenty of time to take those trips.  The girls would be grown, we would be closer to retirement, and would have the time and hopefully the income to do those things.  Looking back I wish we hadn’t put so many things off until later.   Many of those things are now lost but I can focus on what we can still do – day trips to the beach, trips to the mountains, any where we can go in a day.  If the day is nice and sunny and I am feeling well, I want to go, go, go.

I am sure many of you can say the same thing.  We were busy making plans and life suddenly changed all that.  Illness struck and changed everything without warning.

My words to my daughters is to enjoy life.  Make plans but don’t postpone doing things; the things you love and want to do.  There is no time like the present because who knows what the future holds.


8 responses to “Life is what happens

  1. I love this! I tend to get so wrapped up in our daily to do’s, I forget to do things, well, fun things. If you know what I mean…..or I find myself saying, once the kids get older well do….. I need to remind myself to do things now and enjoy life!

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  3. I’ve been thinking about how short life is lately. A friend’s husband was killed in a tragic plane crash right before Christmas. Suddenly my problems seemed so small. I stop and smell the roses every day.

  4. Ahh I so believe this. I always want to do everything NOW! And lately I feel so stuck in one place. I want to do all kinds of things but I feel like I can’t, sometimes because of illness, other times money is the culprit. It’s making me crazy with cabin fever, that’s for sure. AHHH!

  5. Sometimes it’s devastating to have so many problems. A lot depends on your attitude. Take life with a grain of salt, pray, and things don’t seem as dire. There are days my husband and I laugh at the problems. There was nothing else left to do.
    During the 2 months it took to give me a diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis, I thought I was dying. I never knew a person could feel so bad and still live. I gave away a lot of my personal things because I did not expect to continue needing them. I don’t miss the jewelry or clothes as much as I miss one simple plastic container. I had taken some food in it for a friend and told her to keep it if she needed it. She kept it. I used that one often because it was a good size and shape for most of my left-overs. I haven’t seen another one like it, but I have not been looking very hard either.

    • Yes, it can be devastating. Sometimes, it can also be a blessing if you are able to pass on what you have learned along the way and to support someone else just beginning the struggle.

      I have learned that if I let it, my attitude can drag me down to the depths of despair. I fight to keep that from happening. I hope you find your replacement container.

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