Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?  This information and question was posted on today’s Daily Prompt here on WordPress.

As my followers already know, I have sensitivities to chemicals, sensitivities/allergies to all molds and mycotoxins, allergies to pollens and dust and food allergies.  I started this post because I wanted to get the word out about molds and their destruction on our immune systems and all of the other maladies that lie in their wake.  I gave up my home that I had cross contaminated from the mold and mycotoxins at work.  I was one of the lucky ones.  We owned a small lot in town and my husband was able to make a safe house for me while I was in Dallas most of 2003 in treatment.

BUT, there are so many other men and women who are not so lucky.  Their illnesses and exposures have cost them their homes, their belongings and their source of income.  For some, it has cost them their marriages.  These men and women are either homeless because they can’t afford a place to start over in or because they aren’t able to find a place safe enough for them.  My husband and I have wanted to move me to a different neighborhood (I was hoping this would be a stopgap sort of home.).  Unfortunately, I have not even been able to walk into homes we have considered because the chemicals from air freshners and candles are so strong I become sick at the front door.  I have even had my mold reaction as soon as they opened the door.  So here I sit.  Not where I want to live but in a safe home just the same.

If I had a plot of land (we are talking a big plot since there is no size limit imposed on this writing) and unlimited financial resources, I would build a community of safe homes.  There would be no pesticides, the homes would be built so that water leaks could easily be detected, only safe products would be used and there would not be cell towers nearby.  Not only do many of my friends and fellow sufferers have the same issues I have, some experience horrible symptoms from electromagnetic fields and cell towers are major evil in their lives.  On this plot of land there would be lush organic gardens and safe drinking water.

Best of all, the cost to live in this community would be affordable.

9 responses to “Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

  1. PrincessandthePea

    I have the same hope/dream…wouldn’t that be a wonderful place to live!!

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  6. What’s really sad is that this is a dream. You would think this is logically how every community should be.

  7. I’ll have to add you to my prayer list. My allergies are a nuisance, but not anywhere near as much a problem as yours.

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