Epinephrine injectable devices

I carry an epi-pen.  It is a last resort kind of thing for me.  I also carry a vial of histamine (with my correct dose) and allergy syringes.  The histamine works great for my and most of my reactions and doesn’t cause all the side effects of epinephrine like my heart racing.

There was a time when that was my only option for a reaction (my pre-Environmental Health Center-Dallas days).  Believe me, I used it many times.  I used it during reactions from Amphotericin-B I was taking nebulized and I used it when I ate oatmeal and had my throat swell.

While I am glad that I have it should my histamine not be enough to control a severe reaction, it is bulky and the box it comes in with the prescription number on it is even bulkier.  I find myself throwing away the box and then can’t remember when I ordered it or what the prescription number is.  It doesn’t fit into a pocket or small compact purse either.

There was an article in the New York Times on February 1, 2013 (thank you Jennie) about an updated version of an epi-pen.  Twin brothers Eric and Edward Evans grew up with serious food allergies and had to contend with this bulky epi-pen.  The brothers developed a much slimmer version of an epinephrine pen about the size of a smartphone.  I was intrigued at the compact size of this new device.  I wonder if it would fit into a small handbag or a pocket?  I plan on asking whichever doctor I see next about it.  What are your thoughts?  How many of you carry an epi-pen now?  How many of you would like to try this new Auvi-Q?


10 responses to “Epinephrine injectable devices

  1. princessandthepea1

    Yes, have carried epinephrine in different forms for 15 years and currently carry and epipen and would LOVE to try these hope they come to Canada very soon!!

  2. I was excited about this as well. My concern is that (for now anyway) it isn’t as recognizable as the epipen is. If I was counting on a stranger to use it I would be worried they wouldn’t know what to look for. But, hopefully as it has more success more people will be aware of this new injector.

  3. I read about these awhile ago and thought it was a great idea!! I always carry a big purse so carrying my EpiPen is no big deal, but it’s not that easy for everyone! Espeically the poor guys who don’t normally carry purses!

    Question: do you have injectable antihistamines or am I reading that wrong?

    • Those poor guys! Maybe they need a murse! lol

      I don’t have injectable antihistamine. I actually have histamine. During a reaction, the body starts producing histamine like crazy. By giving myself my specific level of histamine, the body says “Oh I have some already” and stops producing extra to fight the reaction.

  4. I just purchased the Auvi-Q and was able to go to Sanofi to see the Auvi-Q right before it was released and I have to say that my son, who is 14 is thrilled to be able to carry a more convenient size. But my daughter, who is 9 years old has absolutely no interest in it.

    This weekend, I will teach his friends how to Auvi-Q, so he can start carrying it after school. Hopefully, I’ll be able to teach his school pals and teachers very soon. He attends a private school, so there has been no training by school nurses.
    Good point on folks not realizing it is not life saving medicine! I will bring this up in my training.

  5. I’ll post back…the kids just got here!

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