Parkinson’s Disease and Environmental Triggers, cont.

Patricia, a fellow mold survivor, friend, and follower, recently commented on the blog post Parkinson’s Disease and Environmental Risk Factors.  She mentioned that she had read something linking Parkinson’s with mold exposure.  While visiting this site to look at what was written, I also discovered that there was a paper relating low level exposure to Ochratoxin-A  with decreased dopamine levels (something that those with Parkinson’s Disease deal with).

Those of us suffering from mold exposure have enough to worry about with the increased cancer risk we face.  Now we have to consider early Parkinson’s Disease as well.

This is why I fight so hard to get the word out about mold, mycotoxins, and their affects on the human body.

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  3. Keep using your voice Kathy….as we all will with you…remember how no one paid attention to asbestos for years and now no one doubts it’s deadly…just found out that someone with diabetes (also have read there is a connection with mold and this disease too but can’t recall where at the moment) at the church location with the mold that I got exposed at had a heart attack and died this past weekend. He was in his 50’s and had been so disabled by all his health problems in his 40’s that he had been unable to work since that time. Much of what was wrong with him could be traced back to being in a sick building for over 20 years….but again…coroners generally don’t look for mold exposure as cause of death and lots of people who die from complications from prolonged mold exposure are slipping through this “autopsy” crack and it is never realized that is what killed them.

    • I wrote about Meselthelioma commercials. In those commercials they included those whose clothes, etc. had been cross-contaminated by asbestos. But try convincing the public now about cross-contamination of molds and mycotoxins and you get a blank stare.

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    I am sharing this again as part of National Parkinson’s Awareness month.

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