Just Drive

This morning I wrote a post entitled “Addicted to QVC”.  In it I talked about the depression and isolation from being so sick and about my QVC shopping.  I received a wonderful comment from Kim at westcoastposse.  Kim wrote about her own deep depression and shared it with me in her comment.  Her post tugged at my heart and I wanted to share it with you.  We have all had those dark moments when we just want to give up.  Give in.  The hardest part is fighting that urge to give in and willing ourselves to put that one foot in front of the other and continue pressing on.  That is the best gift we can give ourselves, the will to continue on and fight, fight, fight. To be a survivor!



2 responses to “Just Drive

  1. BLESS YOU for sharing, Kathryn, and for surviving through your struggles. I’m deeply honored. And I love your positive twist on the title! Just Drive, indeed. Because the next corner might just look a lot brighter than the last, or maybe just a little brighter, but every turn has the potential to be beautiful.

  2. Perfect! And so true. Sometimes when it’s the hardest to take that step, it’s the most important one to take.

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