Online Winter Book Fair

This weekend I am participating in an Online Winter Book Fair hosted by Black Lilac Kitty Literary Services.  While my book isn’t finished, they were gracious to add my book in the upcoming books section.  Please stop by and download the catalog and read about many new books on the market this winter.  There is also a sign up to win a gift.  You can also follow them on their blog.  I am on page 53.  This is very exciting.  I only wish I had my cover design to go along with my description.  My cover photo has been postponed today because of an emergency with the photographer.

I am plan on reading through the catalog in search of new books.  There are also some wonderful looking children’s books that my grandchildren may like as well.

4 responses to “Online Winter Book Fair

  1. How exciting to be listed & your book will be here soon!!!!

  2. I checked out the book site. They have some interesting books.

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