Sauna Therapy

I may have only vaguely touched upon sauna therapy here before.  It is something I did daily in Dallas at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas (EHC-D) and then continued when I got home.  I purchased my own sauna in 2002 and continued doing sauna therapy shortly after my first visit to the EHC-D.

My sauna.

My sauna.

Heating Unit (Dry Heat)

Heating Unit (Dry Heat)

FIR Heater for the back.

FIR Heater for the back.

In the beginning we were slowly introduced to the sauna only being allowed to spend 10 minutes at a time in the lowest heat sauna (140 degrees).  Before getting into the sauna, we were weighed, our vitals taken, and we were given supplements to take to help the detox process.  We were then given a towel to sit on (only cotton clothing was allowed inside the sauna) and a large glass jar of water which we were instructed to drink while in the sauna to replenish fluids lost during sweating.  When our time was up, we dropped our towel in a hamper, grabbed a clean one and headed in for a quick shower and to get dressed.  Again our vitals were taken after sauna, the amount of water consumed, documented and more supplements were given along with an oil.  Once acclimated to the sauna the time was increased slowly up to no more than 45 minutes per day and the temperature allowed could be as high as 160 degrees.

In 2003 when I was in Dallas and experienced a worsening from surgery, I had to quit taking the supplements while in the sauna.  I wish I had the list of supplements that were given but it has been lost somewhere along the way and before my move into my “safe” house.  I intend on trying to locate that information.

Why did we sauna daily?  Sauna therapy (heat depuration) is one of the safest methods of overall detoxification and is recommended by Dr. William Rea at the EHC-D to remove chemicals from the body.  Dry heat sauna with FIR (far infrared) is the sauna of choice.  Saunas eliminate chemicals that are stored in fat cells by heating the body to mobilize chemicals stored in fat which are eliminated through sweat.  It has also been found that sauna therapy can also lighten heavy metal toxicity from the body as well.



DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical professional and anything I have talked about here referring to sauna therapy and detoxing should not be construed as medical advice.  All decisions regarding sauna therapy and detoxing should be made in consultation with your physician or other licensed certified health care practitioner.


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    • Thank you Sonda. A gentlemen on another group I belong to is in the process of building his own sauna. He is filming the process in ten minute segments. I have been given his permission to include them here. Once I iron out a couple more details I will try and post a segment each week.

  2. Great info. Thank you!

    1) Haven’t heard about sauna detox. Smiled when I noticed your parenthetic clarification that it was DRY HEAT (cuz my first thought when I read “sauna” was “mold magnet.”

    2) your explanation of the sauna mechanism of action is cool…., as macrocyclic Tricothecenes are known to be lipophilic.

    3) sounds like an OBGYN surgeon unknowingly disturbed a couple of massively-toxin-laiden organs/glands, which led to a huge spike in your circulating Tricothecenes.

    4) sounds like they know a lot at the EHC-D.

    5) kudos to your hubby, as he’s clearly in the extraordinarily-insightful group (especially if he doesn’t also have the illness). My girlfriend and I both have it, although fortunately she’s not currently in the “ultra-hypersensitive” category….. Interestingly, hers was believed to be mixed connective tissue disease for 8 years prior (her Raynaud’s, arthritis, GERD have correlated with re-exposure Tricothecene levels so we are wondering if this just one of the many “misdiagnoses” of the broad and variable presentations of mycotoxicosis.

    6) any update on your book? 7) did you guys do anything unique when constructing a clean home?


    Clay S. Baker (i-Phone)

    • Clay

      Yes my organs were very toxic. I have been fortunate to have had good medical care with this.

      I am very fortunate to have a husband who is willing to go that extra mile. The main things we did was used kiln dried lumber that he hand picked out, zero voc paint, zero voc sealer on the cabinets (no stain), formaldehyde free insulation and sheet rock and tile floors. The inside of the cabinets are lined with a laminate (per Dr. Rea and because I am ok with it). I have electric heat as well. The house is stucco but done the old fashioned way without the foam siding underneath and applied in coats by hand. I am sure there are things that if I were to build again, I would add or change but anyone who builds will say the same thing. But with finances the way they were, I am lucky to have what I have.

      I am sorry to hear that both you and your wife are dealing with this. My exposure came from my workplace and I unwittingly cross-contaminated everything I owned. Mycotoxins cause such a huge array of other illnesses as they damage our immune system. Recently I posted that they have found a link to mycotoxins and Parkinson’s Disease – the list just seems to get longer and longer. My husband hasn’t been affected by any of this so I am fortunate that I have his support. He has said that he can now notice so many more chemical odors because of not living around them daily.

      As far as my book goes it is ready except for the cover- I am meeting with the photographer next week to shoot what I want for my cover picture. Then the photo I choose will be sent to a graphic artist to design the cover. I am hoping for this summer. The big time issue is the photos and about a month to get the cover and my website designed. I have had a few setbacks in getting the cover photo which has been the big hold up. I could have chosen a stock photo but didn’t like anything that I saw. The book will be available in hardcover, paperback and as an e-book on Amazon.

      Thank you for following on this journey with me and for inquiring about the book.

  3. Wow cool. I’ve always felt light headed and way too hot in saunas so avoid them. I wonder if this would work for me if I built up slowly. Heat really turns me into a full body rash in the shower and triggers mast cells so I wonder if it could make me worse. Will have to try someday!

  4. Hi Katherine, I’ve been looking into saunas but have had to add it last to my list of things I can do to help my health. The main one that is recommended over in Australia, actually comes from the US: It’s made from glass mostly, and looks like yours. In a window outside of my reality, if I weren’t to ever recover, then I’d get one: it cost around $4000 I think to buy it and get it over here. But for now I use exercise to help me detox. First I had the treadmill, which I used in my safe room; however [Miche starts squealing with excitement], now I’m walking at the beach and in a national park, because I’ve moved, finally!!! (I’m not in the clear. All my possessions are at the mould effected house. Did you managed to save anything at all when you had to leave all your stuff behind? I’m doing a contamination process, but now that I’m not at the house, anything that comes from there has the strongest chemical mould smell, that it just amazes me! I’ve thrown out most of my pj’s so far.)

    • Miche – My sauna is from heavenly heat. I honestly don’t remember what I paid for it when I bought it 11 years ago. I am glad you have found a place and have a wonderful place to walk. I took with me my dishes and cookware (easily cleaned), two pieces of solid wood furniture that had a tough seal on it so they were safe. I did not bring any clothes, books, computer, refrigerator, washer, dryer, or bedding. My photos were put in a plastic box and stored. My daughter is going to scan them for me when she can so that I can reprint what I want. My home was only cross-contaminated from my bringing it home with me on my clothes, shoes, purses, etc. You are in a safe place now? Be aware that your chemical sensitivities may be heightened after you have been out of the other house for a while.

      • Yours is Heavenly Heat. That’s so exciting, then they must be good. I’m doing the photos scan thing; mine have fragrance on them. At the old house (my daughter is still there, as she has her final year of school to do) the photos that were behind glass have stuck to the glass, that’s how high the humidity is there. As for my clothes, I’ve found that only the newer clothes have washed okay, all the older stuff smells of mould once its wet from washing it. I feel bad gong them to charity but they are in such good condition that it would be shameful to throw them out. I’m not bring any furniture or stuff that has a motor or fan on it. Not yet. I want to give it a least six weeks, or even longer. It’s so hard to know what to do. All I know is that I feel better, and that weighed against material possessions is worth more than gold! Yes, the house is safe; there are a few issues but not mouldy ones, and nothing that makes me chronically ill. It will be smoky in winter though, so I’m not looking forward to that. Oh, I feel so much better though. (I think that house was killing me!)

  5. I don’t do well in heat because of the Myasthenia Gravis, but I think I would like to try the sauna. I know I used to feel better after giving blood, but I had to stop years ago because I came into contact with Hep C. I don’t have it, but I’m still not allowed to give blood. Maybe I should try leeches!! 🙂

    • Leeches~ that just sent chills up my spine! I have never donated blood – my husband did until his heart attack. I have too many problems, including the mycotoxins, to give. I am sorry to hear of the Myasthenia Gravia. The thing I like about my sauna is that I control the heat. I turn it on and sometime I get in when it is barely 90 and get out before it reaches the 140. Or I have the option of just using the back element and not heating the entire sauna.

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