ALF – Not just the character from television

Not this guy (Alien Life Form) but Autogenous Lymphocytic Factor.  Autogenous Lympocytic Factor (ALF) is a vaccine made from one’s own white blood cells.  It was developed at the Environmental Health Center-Dallas and is given every four days to stimulate t-cells to return to normal.

Information taken from the Environmental Health Center-Dallas brochure about ALF.

ALF is made from your own blood.  It is made from substances which may be released from your own stimulated healthy T-lympocytes.  It is a biological response modifier.  The cells are placed in a cell culture and within 2-6 weeks they grow.  These strong cells are injected subcutaneously.

There are two mechanisms of action:

The Helper T-lymphocyte initiate immune responses and these produce delayed hypersensitivity.

The Suppressor T-lymphocytes suppress certain immunological activities which turn off immune responses.

ALF acts as a regulator.  It normalizes the function of lymphocytes.

Initially a one-half dose subcutaneous injection is given to determine strength of the treatment dose and patient’s response.  The patient is then given the remainder of the dose.  If symptoms occur, ALF may be diluted and retested.  (When I was given this the first time, I reacted and we had to dilute it for my initial treatment.  Eventually I was able to take a stronger dose.)  Patients are monitored every three months and tests are repeated to measure progress.


12 responses to “ALF – Not just the character from television

  1. Kathryn,

    3 things:

    1) thanks for ALF info. Dr Rea’s article from 2009 is EXTREMELY compelling. “The Treatment of Patients with Mycotoxin-induced Disease,” journal of Toxicology and Industrial Health. I think I’m gonna have to make a trip to Texas.

    2) Thanks for talking about the near infrared. Ordered a “beginner” unit called Mini Sauna Lite that is made in US and modeled after Dr Wilson’s design ideas.

    3) Given your outreach, I’d like to request your consideration of the following idea:

    One of the biggest early hurdles faced by mycotoxicosis sufferers is a SAFE PLACE TO DWELL. The time and expense and brain power necessary to obtain this is overwhelming. Over the past 6 months, I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to enlighten the folks at Evergreen ( at just how CLOSE they may already be to producing a temporary interim (or permanent) SAFE DWELLING for us. They’ve already become experts in reducing typical trailer off-gassing issues related to formaldehyde, etc. And confusingly, they’ve removed essentially all wood-substrate from the floors and walls….. BUT THEY’VE KEPT A SINGLE LAYER OF PLYWOOD in the ceiling! Their trailers are based on their patented, synthetic mold-resistant substrate ComposiTek. My recent emails to them were again to ask if they could replace that single layer of substrate with a mold-resistant product. I was informed that my email had been “sent to the engineering department,” and “we are sorry that we are unable to accommodate your request at this time.” So….. Maybe my idea is stupid….. BUT, I know there are hundreds of others currently “stuck” in my situation. I have a house that’s been successfully remediated FOR MOLD, but persistent carpet/furniture-bound mycotoxins are keeping me sick. I’m unable to work, disability is not paying because they are ignorant about the diagnosis, and I can’t afford to build a clean home. BUT what I COULD AFFORD is a mycotoxin-free travel trailer parked in my driveway! And it might allow enough healing to get me back on my feet, so I could tackle the other 27 things that I need to do to continue to survive.

    Anyway….. Thought I’d throw it out there…. just in case Evergreen would respond more favorably to more people inquiring.


    Clay S. Baker (i-Phone)

    • Clay

      Thank you for commenting and for your ideas. I will do some checking into the ComposiTek. Not all synthetic mold-resistant products are safe for those who suffer also from chemical sensitivity. Anyone out there among my readers know anything about this product?

      You mentioned “persistent carpet/furniture-bound mycotoxins are keeping me sick. Did you not get rid of these items when you had your home remediated? You said your house was successfully remediated. Does that mean that you are ok in there except for the furniture?

      I would love a link to the article you mentioned by Dr. Rea.

      • Click to access Rea_Treatment_of_Patients_with_Mycotoxin-Induced_Disease_2009.pdf

        The above is my attempt at importing a link to Dr Rae’s article.

        I had successful remediation (supposedly), then bought new flooring and furniture/beds, etc…… Then wasn’t getting better and mycotoxin levels staying up. Was told I was crazy by original remediator….. so I got another one. Copious amounts of persistent mold identified (even though post-treatment air samples after original treatment were negative).
        NOW the house is mold free and serial sampling confirms no mold. But toxin levels go up when I spend time on any carpet-bearing floor in my house. Now, financially tapped out, so now we are stuck trying repeated chemical neutralization of mycotoxins with 50/50 ammonia, followed by the Dyson DC41 Animal HEPA vac.
        I’m also stuck in a 4000sqft townhouse, flanked by units on each side (which were obviously constructed identically, and with the same inept attic venting technique that led to my infestation), and who’s occupants have said 1) “we’re sorry that our house may be affecting your health, but we are healthy, so we don’t want to know”; and 2) we don’t want to have tested because we are getting ready to sell the place, and we would have to disclose the results.”
        Best part– these replies occurred AFTER I offered to pay for their testing and 1/2 cost of any of their necessary remediation (this was last year, when I still had some money).

        So, that’s why I’m looking for a temporary safe house. To heal enough to possibly work, then move on to building a permanent place.

      • Thank you for Dr. Rea’s link. I just printed it and will try and read it this weekend. I haven’t looked into the other items you mentioned before but I will. I may be taking a short vacation from this to do some projects that I have been neglecting while writing here and preparing the book for publication. I have made myself notes of what I want to read.

        Your story is not one that is unfamiliar. I have a friend whose home was cross contaminated by a neighbor’s home. The thing with remediation and Dr. Marinkovich (who has since passed) wrote to the HR person at the district I worked in is that no matter how much they remediated it, it might not be good enough for me. One spore left in there that made me sick, could make me sick again. I returned to work after they said it was as good as they could get it and I got sick. They then moved me to a brand new campus a few months later where they were still painting and laying down carpet and moving soil around in landscaping which just made me even sicker. The other thing to know is that once you leave the moldy environment, you sensitivities show up within 2 to twelve weeks.

        I am so sorry for what you are going through. There are so many of us out there.

  2. I’m curious, Kathryn. Have you heard anything about *food grade* diatomaceous earth (DE) or have you tried it as a detoxification aid? (DE used in pool filters is toxic, must only use food grade.)

    • No I haven’t. I have heard of clay and charcoal. I have even taken agar-agar (powdered seaweed). The thing with diatomaceous earth is that it has all those sharp little pieces in it that is why it is good to use around the outside of your home for bugs. I will have to tap into the knowledge of some of my friends from Dallas to see if they have ever heard of it being used that way. Where did you hear about it?

      • I’ve used it for my dogs for years, to keep them free of toxins and also free of parasites. I recently learned that humans can take it as well, for exactly the same reasons. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. It’s not terribly palatable (you mix it into a few ounces of purified water, and then drink the very chalky water, or I imagine you could purchase some empty vitamin casings from a health food store, and fill your own so you wouldn’t have to taste it), but I was having a reaction to something and took it for a couple of days, and it seemed to really help. Probably something I should consider doing regularly, but I don’t want to use the dog’s because I leave the spoon I mix it into his dog food with in the container. 😛 Thought it might be worth looking into though. Wanted to share. The best to you always, Kathryn.

      • That is very interesting. It must do something similar to the agar-agar. This is something that Dr. Marinkovich (who is no longer with us) had me doing when I was having problems with the die-off from the antifungals. Where did you buy it? I have a huge list of things I want to check out including this. I am glad it helped you.

      • Yes! It helps with yeast flush, definitely. I would think most health food stores would have it, or you can order it bulk via online sources (Wolf Creek Ranch, *I think* is one I’ve ordered from before.) *Supposed* to help with weight-loss, too?? If I had the discipline in the first place, I wouldn’t have that problem…3x/day? I’m sure I lack that discipline! *eye roll* I’m a WIP…what can I say?

      • Thank you for the information. I have it on my list of items to check off. I spent the day goofing and not at the computer or anywhere near housework or the phone. LOVED IT!

      • You deserve it, Kathryn!

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