Why does a dry sauna cause my ochratoxin levels to go up?

This query was used to bring someone to my blog yesterday.  While I am not a doctor or a scientist, this is my explanation based on my own experiences with fluctuating mycotoxin levels.

Toxins, including mold mycotoxins, get stored in our fat cells.  Heat in the sauna releases toxins from our fat and we sweat it out.  For me, I don’t sweat well and what is released isn’t always completely removed through sweat.  If you were to do a test after doing sauna therapy, it might show a higher level in your blood stream or your urine as you are detoxing it from your fat and other tissues.

I have had my urine tricothecene levels go up and down without any change in my diet or surroundings and exposures.  When my body decides to shed them, my urine level goes up as my body tries to rid itself of them.


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