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Have any of you participated in a book blog tour?  If so, I would appreciate any information you can give me.  I am planning on doing one this summer when the book is finished.

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  1. No, and I’ve never heard of one until you brought it up. I’d be interested in participating, or doing my own. Visit Chuck Sabatino on facebook. He has published a number of books and does a lot of writing for Writers’ Digest. I think one of his books is ‘Building Your Platform” (he’s been promoting it). I would think he’d have an answer. It sounds interesting. Is it a way to promote your own book, or are you just looking at others?

    • From what I have learned a Book Blog Tour is where authors present their newest works. Blog Hosts agree to host the author’s book on their blog which will include the book cover photo, a synopsis of the book, a photo of the author, the author’s bio and usually a link to purchase the book. It can include a review if the host has read the book (the author would supply the book in advance of the tour), excerpts from the book which can be the same for each blog or different, or an interview. The usual length of a blog tour is one week and can last for a month. A giveaway of a book or item that would correlate to the content of the book can be offered at each blog tour site (provided by the author) and the blog host would determine the winner. To qualify the visitor must post a comment. Once a winner is determined the host contacts the author with the name and address and the giveaway is sent out.

      The author will also post on his/her blog about the tour and list the dates and blogs where the tour can be found. There are many companies that provide this service for a fee and they choose the blog hosts. I have done some research on self-hosting a blog tour. My goal is to do one when my book is available and choose among fellow bloggers who have similar topics as mine or who are authors. I hope this makes sense.

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