I have tremors only on the right side of my body.

Again this was a search that led someone to my blog. I have talked about my having tremors around mold  and mycotoxins and while testing molds and mycotoxins. My tremors are always on the right side of my body and start with my right hand beginning to shake until my arm starts, my leg starts and then my whole head and neck shake.   This is followed by my face feeling as if the skin is being stretched tightly and I can’t breathe during the facial spasms.  When they stop, I gasp for air and then the ordeal repeats itself over and over.  For me I believe the fact that my tremors are always on the right side of my body may have to do with the fact that the left side of my head was most affected by the mold, bacterial and fungal infections.  The trigeminal neuralgia I often talk about affects only the left side of my face.  Using this train of thought and knowing that I have problems with my brain with short-term memory, loss of words, etc. the left side of my brain could be affected and have a direct impact on the right side of my body especially when I am exposed to molds and mycotoxins.

Do any of you mold sufferers have these types of tremors.  Do you have a side of your body that seems most likely affected?

14 responses to “I have tremors only on the right side of my body.

  1. Wow, I love how descriptive you were about this! I’m allergic to mold, but I don’t know that I’ve noticed tremors.

    I’m glad you’ve figured out your pattern, though! Good job.

    • I am so glad you don’t have the tremors. I once told the woman doing energy balancing on me that I should video tape one of those reactions. Her response was no! She said it wasn’t pretty and I probably wouldn’t want to see what I look like during them. Guess I will have to settle for what I feel in the midst of them. Fortunately I haven’t had one in quite some time.

  2. princessandthepea1

    Yes I get very shaky when reacting to mold
    I thought, until reading this, that it was the fight/ flight hormones affecting me as I also get very shaky when I’ve had epinephrine injected.

    A lot of my symptoms are right sided and initially before we identified the toxic mold some of my initial symptoms were right sided numbness, weakness and neuralgia. When I get shaky though, generally its bilaterally. I hope I won’t have the misfortune of experiencing another mold reaction, but if I DO I will really pay attention to see if one side is affected more than the other.

  3. I get muscle twitches when around a trigger–usually a scent but possibly mold (haven’t been great at IDing mold). Used to be just my left eyelid and with time will be my back and chest muscles.

    Early symptoms were intiailly right sided arm numbness, progressed to both hands, feet, back.

    Get tingling in my tongue and face as early anaphylaxis symptoms.

    With my most severe anaphylactic reaction, I got full body shaking.

    My swelling is usually right sided throat and neck with a baseline of enlarged lymph nodes in my right neck.

  4. I’m allergic to mold but don’t get tremors, thankfully!

  5. That sounds like SUCH a horrible thing to go through 😦 I’m so sorry you have to endure this!

    • Thank you. Fortunately, I haven’t had to experience this for awhile. My brain is the first to go when I am around mold. You could be asking me a question and I could be formulating an answer in my brain but that is where it stops. I can’t talk. I am very careful when I have to go into a building I haven’t been in before.

  6. Thank you for posting about this. When I’m back at the old house (packing and trying to ‘mould remediate’ my belongings) and suffering symptoms from driving the 90 mins to get here, then symptoms from going to class (even though it’s NOW a chemical free classroom, and then, on top of all that, the mould exposure (which is now easier to analyse because of the time I can spend away in cleaner air, and a mould free house), which causes the usual sinus symptoms; yet, I’ve had many exposures where I have this shaking, but it’s inside my body, and it’s not like shaky hands, or shivering type of shaking, it’s a tremor. I couldn’t name it as that, Kathryn, until I read this post. I was calling it ‘this weird shaking’ which is always with the awful sinus throbbing that sometimes takes over my whole head (in pain). It’s a relatively new symptom, and it only happens in the mouldy house, and I didn’t even think to tell my doctor about it because I have so many symptoms already; but I will mention this on my next visit (and add it to my written list). I’m still waiting on the nasal swab to see if there is anything growing in there that could possibly be causing the sinus symptoms.

    Cheers 🙂

    • Are you wearing protective clothing when you are back in the old place packing? Funny you should mention the pain in the head. I get this horrible pain in the head and body but it is not like any normal pain. It is an undescrible pain that is almost unbearable. All I know is that my whole body almost goes rigid with the pain. I am sorry you have this too.

      I am grateful that you have found a safe place to be.

  7. I’m not allergic to mold that I know of, but when I’m exposed to fragrance, I usually get a migraine on the right side. Also, my sinus and cheek muscles seize and spasm that it feels like someone is yanking my face off. It is usually worse on the right side. I don’t know why the right…maybe because its my dominant side.

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