Today I am running on zero energy and was worried about what I would post. Then I read Sonda’s post from sondasmcschatter. For those of you who don’t know what chemical sensitivity is, here is a good explanation.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is basically a subset of Environmental Illness (EI), which is caused by living in a toxic world. The chemicals that were synthesized after World War II (including, pesticides, synthetic fragrances, cleaning products, detergents, etc.) are mostly “petro-chemicals” (petroleum based) and are quite toxic to humans. There have been virtually no studies done on the majority of these chemicals to see how they affect humans – the industry just placed the chemicals in the environment with the assumption that they are “safe, till proven toxic”, instead of the other way around. One of the biggest offenders is PERFUME and other scented products. Did you know that many of the ingredients in your perfume are the exact same ingredients found in GASOLINE??!! I didn’t either! The scary thing is that the perfume industry is NOT REGULATED at all – they can put any number of chemicals in…

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    • It is a case of no sleep or I should say uninterrupted sleep followed by not being able to go back to sleep. One of those days where it feels like I have a hangover without alcohol. I will stumble through the day and hopefully be all better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

  2. There are days that my nose burns when I am at my 40 hour week job because of the different perfumes worn by co-workers. Sometimes I wish they would either all wear the same perfume or wear none. Holding my nose as I type this 🙂

    • Do you work in a situation where you could ask them to be perfume free? That does not make it a totally fragrance free office but I am sure it would help. They probably don’t even realize how much they are wearing because they have become so masked to it. I remember returning to my last office to pick up my things after being gone from it for several months and even with my mask the fragrances and chemicals blew me away. I was surprised to realize that they had always wore perfumes.

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