Book Cover

I am so excited.  The book cover is now in the process of being designed.  I received the edited photos yesterday.  The one photo I really liked is of me shot from the outside as I am looking out the window.  There is the wonderful reflection of the trees in the photo.  Unfortunately, the reflection runs right across the tip of my nose and can’t be edited out without a lot of extra work.

Tomorrow afternoon the photographer is coming back and taking just that particular shot again.  In the meantime my designer will begin working with what I have sent her.

My mind seems to be all over the place right now trying to make decisions and plans.  Then today my granddaughter asked to see the robe I was making her.  Busted!!! I haven’t even cut it out yet.

Please bear with me as I spend this week cleaning my sewing room so that I can cut out her robe and maybe, just maybe, get myself a list made so that I can prioritize what I need to be doing (Yes, I did say LIST) while trying to ward off a possible sinus infection.

  • re-shoot photo  the re-shoot didn’t work so not sure what is going to happen yet
  • clean sewing room enough to be able to cut out fabric and sew
  • cut out robe
  • cut out project for a pay-it-forward gift from my Facebook page cut out
  • organize file box for book papers
  • start sewing robe and other project
  • start a to-do list for marketing
  • work on post for blog
  • everything else
  • plan a day with hubby took a trip to the zoo with hubby to meet daughter and grandchildren

It looks like this may take me through the entire month of April because I didn’t add in everyday household activities.

I didn’t sleep much at all last night so I haven’t managed to get much done today.  I am in  fog and am having trouble putting sentences together to even carry on a conversation.  Tomorrow is another day – and who knows what I can get accomplished over the next few days.  I am still under the weather so progress is slow even with sleep.

9 responses to “Book Cover

  1. Very…VERY exciting!!

  2. HALLULEIGH— what a blessing– that you have used your illness– to write a book to HELP OTHERS!!!!!!!! I hear all the time from many of my MCS Sisters that I proabably would not have changed my total lifestyle for the better– if I had not had an illness– make me do so!!! So many now have changed what they eat– how they live– & how they look at life & many like your self even blog — with information & now a book!!!!!!! I’m so happy to call you friend!! And thrilled I get to share as you proceed with your book!!! Have a great week my MCS sister!!!!!!

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    hey sounds like a full month and there needs to be 2 of you. hang in there.

  5. Household activities may have to wait. I wish all the success in the world! We all know you deserve it. So, so excited for you. Good luck with the photographer. He/she is very good.

  6. Good luck on your book cover. Hopefully, I’ll be doing the same in a few months.
    Good luck on your list as well. I don’t have a lot of success with mine. Too many unplanned things pop up, but I’m still plugging along.

    • Oh how exciting for you! I am supposed to get some samples the first of next week. I updated my post with a few things I managed to get done. I am just not feeling well so things aren’t going as well as I planned around here. If all goes well tomorrow my sewing machine is going to get put to work so that I can mark one of my projects off the list most likely only to be replaced by another new item–and so it goes round and round.

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