Occupational injuries cost America roughly $250 billion/year

$250 billion per year!  That is a staggering amount of money. This is an estimate of what occupational injuries and illness cost the American economy every year.

Today when I opened the newspaper and saw this article from the New York Times I became angry.  The article discusses Sheri Farley from North Carolina.  Ms. Farley is about the age I was when I began my downward spiral from mold exposure at work.  Ms. Farley was exposed to n-propyl bromide daily as she worked in a furniture manufacturing plant spraying glues on foam cushions.  She now suffers from neurological disorders.

What I found very disturbing about this article was that even though many of her fellow co-workers were becoming ill and OSHA  records show that managers at her work place repeatedly exposed gluers to n-propyl bromide at levels that exceeded levels considered safe by federal officials.  These workers were also not provided respirators and fans meant to vent fumes were turned off.

The most disturbing of all is this quote from the article:  Royale has not switched away from the nPB glues, managers said, because alternatives did not work well, were sometimes more dangerous and were almost always more expensive.

Read the article in its entirety here.

4 responses to “Occupational injuries cost America roughly $250 billion/year

  1. Thanks for sharing — Kathern!!

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  3. Patricia Lush

    It’s always the same old story isn’t it Kathy?? Money over human welfare. It does not matter if it is toxic mold exposure or chemicals…I still find it astounding that more and more you see articles like this or television programs with story lines that include and verify these dangers to our health. Even HGTV is now showing how much the housing and construction industry now fears finding mold in a home…yet we as mold survivors and those chemically injured as well, still get treated like we are nut cases and our symptoms are all “in our heads” because to accept we are really sick is to accept responsability and become “liable” to pay for the damages!!

    • Patricia

      It just put me back in the place where she is now; dealing with all that encompasses an illness or injury that is work related. I had to allow the anger and then let go so as not to drag myself back to that dark place. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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