WOW!!! I just did it!

Yes I did it!! I just forwarded my manuscript.  The only thing I am now waiting for is the cover and the editing of the photos that will be in it.

Then I was asked about the Hardbound book.  Do I want a dust jacket or everything printed on to the hard cover.  If I do a dust jacket I need to provide more information.  Any of you fellow authors out there have any experience with this?  I am leaning toward no dustcover as they get torn and lost anyway.

I received three preliminary cover designs two days ago and have made my selection with a few changes.  Things are moving along rather quickly.  With any luck everything will be turned in within the next two weeks.  Then it is out of my hands for a bit.

6 responses to “WOW!!! I just did it!


    • I know. Now that it is has actually been submitted it is becoming more real and a little more scary. Someday soon my life will be out there for all to read. I am trying to focus on getting some things done here while dealing with a nasty sinus infection. My brain is only half functioning. Wish the fog would lift.

  2. Kathy:

    Since my book was published only in paperback, I never was asked to decide on a dust jacket versus the hard cover. My initial reaction is a question. What material is intended for the hardcover? Will it be the type that permits color photography? Then a dust jacket would seem to be unnecessary. Dust jackets become wrinkled and torn. If I could avoid one, I would, but that is my preference.

    Good luck with these happy decisions,

  3. The waiting is always the hard part.

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