I just want a new nose!

Ok – we all at some point we all wish we could change something about ourselves.  I have never really considered changing my nose although it isn’t a perfect nose.

I am not talking about wanting a new nose because of the way mine looks.  I am talking about exchanging it for a healthy nose, one that didn’t get invaded by aspergillus from my sick building at work and one that doesn’t get infected more often than I would like.  While I am grateful the infections are no longer defined as osteomyelitis (bone infection) requiring IV antibiotics, they are painful and frustrating none the less.

At one point I joked about getting a silver nose like the villain in the movie Cat Ballou.  Thinking, mold couldn’t grow in the silver.

Or maybe I could exchange my nose for one of these below.  They are all nice looking noses if they didn’t come infected with mold.

Click to show "Human nose" result 3

Or maybe I would try to see about getting Elmo’s nose.

A friend back in the beginning used to joke with me about how to get rid of the fungal infection.  Her husband was an AG teacher and they also lived on a ranch.  She told me she would just go and get some Dursban and pour it into my sinuses.  Of course we were just joking and whenever I complained about my sinuses she would offer to run and get some and then start laughing.  Can you imagine putting that in your sinuses?  Not me.

What body part would you like new but not for cosmetic reasons?   If I chose cosmetic reasons, I would be changing out a lot of parts.

10 responses to “I just want a new nose!

  1. Probably my poor— poor–poor liver— all the toxic chemicals I used for far toooooo many years– & now it is not repairable– along with tooo many other body parts– I wish soooooooooooo many people would learn early in life about toxic chemicals & toxic food– & all toxic chemical use– & change early in life & not have the health problems many of us are now living with!! And if I had it my way– people would wake up & STOP THE TOXIC CHEMICAL USE– SO EVERYONE WOULD BE HEALTHY!!

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  3. I’d like new skin! And a new nose. And a new immune system, lol.

  4. Both of my sisters got new noses. 🙂 I’d need the fairy dust or Bewitched magic, because I don’t like surgery!!

  5. Would getting a new nose make it work better? Because that’s not a bad idea. You could be like the Million Dollar Man – we have the technology, we can rebuild it!

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