Happy Birthday Dad

I am reblogging this in honor of National Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month.


I recently signed up to participate in The Beautiful Woman BlogFest II    taking place later this month where we will talk about what we think beauty is and honoring beautiful women.  Today I am talking about what it is to be a man we can look up to.

My dad will be celebrating his 79th birthday this month.  My dad has always been the epitome of what a gentleman should be.  My dad is 6’4″ and in his younger days scared off many a boy suitor because of his commanding size and presence.  Yet to my sister and I he was the gentle giant.

My dad worked hard all his life to support first my mother and then my sister and I as well.  He helped build the runway at a local military air base.  He worked for years as an auto mechanic and then a welder.  It was…

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