Paying the price for a good time.

Is knowing you might not feel well worth the price to pay for a good time?  Last night members of my graduating class were getting together outdoors.  I knew there would be perfumes, etc.  There was a good breeze going so I thought I would okay.  I didn’t attend my tenth reunion choosing to wait until my 20th.  I didn’t have as much fun as I thought I would have then.  I was overweight and wearing braces on my teeth.  I vowed that by the 30th, I was going to go and have a good time.

Then my exposure at work changed that.  I have missed the last two reunions and reunion pre-parties.

I managed well enough with some of the fragrances (or so I thought) because the breeze (ok it was more windy than breezy) was keeping the worst of it away from me.  Then towards the end of my evening, the cigars came out.  I was fine as long as everyone was behind me and the wind carried the smoke away but when everyone changed spots the wind carried it right to me.  I immediately grabbed my charcoal mask, finished my conversation, and decided it was time to leave.  By the time I got home, my chest was uncomfortable, my eyes were itching and burning and I just didn’t feel well.  I took Vitamin C, put drops in my eyes and eventually gave myself a histamine injection and went to bed.

This morning my eyes are still a little itchy, my brain is a little off kilter, my arm muscles are aching (but they were a little achy yesterday before I went) and my legs just plain hurt.

Knowing what I know would I have attempted to go?  Yes!  It was wonderful seeing friends from high school (some I hadn’t seen since the 20th reunion and some I hadn’t seen since high school graduation).  I may have tried to stay further away from everyone and visit from afar but that wasn’t any fun.  So, I am resting and letting my body calm down today.

I learned while visiting with a classmate that she can’t tolerate gluten, is lactose intolerant and the fragrance department in stores cause confusion.  I do not like to hear that others suffer with similar sensitivities.  No matter how severe the sensitivity, their lives have been impacted much as mine has been impacted.  I promised to share my blog and information I have gained about gluten intolerance and celiac disease.  So while I am under the weather today, I was able to touch someone with my story and in turn learn of hers.

Have you chosen to participate in an activity (indoors or out) knowing you my not feel well after?  Was it worth it to you?

2 responses to “Paying the price for a good time.

  1. I just recently flew to my home state to celebrate my parent’s 60th Wedding Anniversary and my father’s 80th b’day. Since their basement is full of mold from past flooding not properly remediated….I know every time I go home to see them that I am going to be exposed. So far, God has managed to take me home when the mold is for the most part dormant, and the weather is not humid, so that from the minor symptoms I get, I don’t think I am getting a very big exposure. And as my gluten intolerance has manifested itself in the past 2 years due to my mold exposure 5 years ago, actually my diet creates more issues for me there than anything else since there is not an adequate food supply for me there within a 100 miles….I live on salad for the most part while there and have to bring food in my suitcase that I can’t find there. The hardest part is that it is junk food heaven and all my family members are junk food junkies and I feel like an alcoholic living in bar would feel if they had to stay in a bar to see their family….tempted and tortured for my entire visit. But, as my parents are in their 80’s and the mold caused me to move thousands of miles from them 4 years ago, when I only get to see them now about once a year, yes it is worth the price I pay for the visit….it is a cost that I don’t count….priceless!

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