Red and Green Keep Food Allergies in Order

Last week I read a post from Caroline at grateful foodie on ways to make it easier for children with food allergies to distinguish which foods are safe for them and which aren’t.  I didn’t have any children with food allergies.  If I did, I think her suggestions would have definitely helped me as children are always raiding the shelves looking for snacks.  One wrong choice, and an emergency could result.



2 responses to “Red and Green Keep Food Allergies in Order

  1. I have some food allergies. So far my reaction is that I act drunk. Red food dye is one of the most common allergens. Unfortunately, I don’t know which red I’m sensitive to. I can have a Coke but not Pepsi, no cherries or cherry soda.
    Recently I ate something at a restaurant that I reacted badly to, but have no idea what it was.

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