I’m Tweeting

Well I have at least set up a Twitter account.  It is going to take me some time to figure out how to use it.  @KathrynCTreat

For those of you who are on Twitter, I could use any advice or information you can share.  It is new to me and I barely have this blog figured out.  I think my posts can be linked there as well.


10 responses to “I’m Tweeting

  1. I have a Twitter account, but it perplexes me!

  2. It’s an information/inspiration share, and it’s a conversation. In the search bar type in a topic that interests you – for instance, “allergies.” Type it this way, though: #allergies. If you’re looking for support around a disease or condition – fibromyalgia, for instance – then type #fibromyalgia.
    The hashtag symbol in front of the words will narrow the search to Tweets specifically mentioning allergies. When the bombing happened in Boston, the hashtag to follow was #BostonMarathon.
    When I search, I usually look for #vegan, or #vegetarian, or #indiepub (independent publishing), or #selfpub (self-publishing), or #tradpub (traditional publishing), etc.
    You can also use the the search bar to find people you know, or authors/celebrities/athletes you like, and wish to follow. I’m a fan of Josh Groban, and his Tweets tend to be very entertaining, so I follow him.
    Great hashtags for writers: #writetip and #amwriting and #amediting are popular.
    It’s a global cocktail hour. 🙂 Kristen Lamb – @kristenlambTX – has some great Twitter-related posts on her site: http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com.

  3. Thank you so much Ellen. I will check these out for sure.

  4. Great synopsis Ellen. I wish I’d known all that when I began. To be honest I still find Twitter a bit bewildering. I’m used to having conversations with people and that isn’t easy to do on Twitter. I didn’t really ‘get’ Twitter until I started using an application called Hootsuite. Basically Hootsuite lets you see tweets under categories – like who has mentioned you. This makes it easy to reply to those people, or to thank them for retweeting one of your tweets. And yes, if you set up Publicize in WP to send your blogs to Twitter, FB etc, they will automatically appear on those sites as well.
    I don’t use Twitter that much but I’ll send you a hello next time I’m on. 🙂

  5. Well, I’ve had a Twitter account for a while, but that’s about it. I haven’t tweeted anything.

  6. I’ll find you on there. Asap. I’m up to my elbows in assignments. Finished in one more week. Can’t wait. I love twitter. I have the plugin that displays the post in a side bar on the side of my blog. Let me know if you want the link to where I got it. Or if you have any other questions. I log in once a week and retweet all the tweets that I like, that way I’m supporting my followers. I won’t follow back anyone who is a marketer of ‘whatever’; if it’s book related or MCS, or any other invisible illness, or an environmental organisation, then I do. Our dear Rachel, form doilooksick is on there also!

  7. Jennie Sherwin

    Kathy: Here’s what I found when I checked. I am Jennie Sherwin @JennieSherwin. Where does the hashtag come in? Jennie


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