John Muir, an inspiration

A fellow member and chemical sensitivity sufferer on Planet Thrive wrote this blog post on the site.  I loved the way she wrote it and received permission to share this with you.  As part of MCS Awareness Month, I am highlighting her post.  I should also tell you that she lives out of a tent camping where she can find a safe place to be.  “V”, I thank you for your lovely words.  Thanks to her words, I now want to read this book myself.  Following is from her post:

I have been reading John Muir’s book My First Summer In the Sierra. He was a brillant man in many respects. Very observant, intelligent and articulate in describing his surroundings. It’s no wonder that many of his books and writings have survived over a hundred years.

One fine spring morning when the temperature was actually warm enough that I could wear just one layer of clothing, I was inspired to write a “Muir-esque” entry in my journal.

“Where I stand, God stands. All the forest is my place of worship. God, the All-Father, Creator and giver of life and wisdom is omnipresent. From the lowest of life to the mountains tall his beauty and grace are living testiment to his existence. No greater, grander or splendid was there ever a church or house of worship as what I stand in today. Mountains stand as examples on how to live. Firm foundations set deep, peaks forever reaching high into the heavens. How we should live by this example.

By love, wisdom and grace there go I into the woods, hills, desert and mountains, never seeking God the All Father for he is with me always.”

After writing this I couldn’t help by wonder if John Muir were alive today and wrote in the style he did, would he still be regarded as a great writer and philosopher or would he be titled “mentally ill” due to his grand and over reaching writing style.

4 responses to “John Muir, an inspiration

  1. If your paragraph is anything like his style, then I’d consider him a good writer. However, those that do not believe in God might consider him a poor writer simply because of content, not writing style.

  2. Beautiful prose. It doesn’t read “mentally ill” to me.
    She actually lives in a tent to be safe… from chemical allergies? Oh, my heart.

  3. Sounds like an interesting book. I enjoyed reading about and studying John Muir in college. Definitely a man with ideas and views far beyond those of his generation, and even more relevant today. Thanks for sharing!

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