Fibro Awareness Day

fibro awarenessMay 12

Tomorrow is Fibromyalgia Day.  Please help me recognize all those who suffer from Fibromyalgia and help spread the word by re-blogging this post.

This was taken from the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Assocation:

If you ask any person with fibromyalgia what fibromyalgia is, their response would be pain; from the top of their head to the end of their toes.  Pain that “waxes and wanes” from day to day and persists even with the use of scientifically accepted medical treatments.  The pain experience is described as deep muscular aching, shooting, throbbing, stabbing, pounding, along with many other acronyms and it is at times unbearable.  People with FM do not sleep well and wake up feeling like they have been hit by a “Mack Truck” resulting in morning stiffness or spasticity that makes it difficult to move.  Repetitive movement seems to accentuate the pain and forces many FM patients to severely limit their activities including exercise routines.  This lack of exercise results in people becoming physically unfit which causes their FM symptoms to become more severe.  The other major complaint is fatigue so severe that people have a difficult time performing everyday tasks, enjoying hobbies, staying employed or taking part in their children’s activities.  People may feel as though their arms and legs are weighed down by cement and their bodies may feel so drained of energy that every task is a major effort. 

I know this is something that is unbearable for many sufferers.  As I have said mine is bearable until I get an exposure which takes it to another level of pain and achiness.  A high school friend has been living with extreme Fibromyalgia pain and symptoms for many years now.  Despite her pain she continues to work full time, co-host a radio show once a week, provide inspiration and support to her friends, and publish two books filled with inspirational writings and poems.  I have asked her how she does it and she modestly says it has to be done.  Jerri Duncan-Hansen’s books Fences and Fences:  The Journey Continues are available at

For all those of you who suffer whether in a milder form like me or in more severe forms like my friend Jerri, I dedicate this post to you.

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