No Joke – PSA about food allergies

Please check this out from grateful foodie.  I am passing this on.

2 responses to “No Joke – PSA about food allergies

  1. Patricia Lush

    Thanks for sharing this Kathy, as I had not realized you could be “bullied” like this. I guess then you could say that when I told my Pastor that I could not enter the Church building full of toxic mold again without risk of another anaphalaxis reaction and he told me it was all in my head and I was not to leave his church that I was being “bullied by a man of God???” ….ok I am being sarcastic and of course I knew then he had serious problems…which was why I threw him out of my house that day. I knew then and for all the months afterwards that he persued me high and low that he was a bully at the very least. I say all this to make a point here….unfortunately bullying does not just happen to kids at school these days so be aware that can happen to any one, at any age!

    • Patricia – Thank you for sharing that adults get bullied too and by those they would least suspect of doing such things. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. I guess there is no limit to what someone can be bullied about or by whom they can be bullied.

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