MCS Awareness Month / Fragrance Sensitivity

Another great blog about Chemical Sensitivity. There is a lot of information in her links. Since this is MCS Awareness Month I am including this in my awareness campaign.

Ichigo Ichie

May is national MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) month.  Briefly, MCS is defined as suffering “multi-system illnesses as a result of contact with, or proximity to, a variety of airborne agents and other substances.”

According to MCS-America, MCS affects over 48 million men, women and children of all races.  There are many substances that affect those with MCS, some of which include fragrances, cleaning products, laundry products, air fresheners and scented candles, secondhand smoke, pesticides, paints, solvents, certain foods, preservatives, beauty and personal care products, etc, etc.  Symptoms can range from mild annoyances to life-threatening reactions.

As I wrote in my previous posting about Human Canaries, I am a person who is highly sensitive to low levels of fragrances and chemicals.  They make me very sick and I could be debilitated in bed for at least a couple of days after an exposure…and an exposure could be as…

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4 responses to “MCS Awareness Month / Fragrance Sensitivity

  1. Thank you very much for the reblog, Kathryn.

  2. I have anaphylactic allergies but I am also experiencing migraines daily! Could this be a fragrance sensitivity?

  3. It could be a fragrance sensitivity, it could be a food allergy, or it could be any chemical being used in your house. Do you use scented soaps, detergents or cleaning products? Even the unscented products depending on the chemicals involved can cause a problem. You need to assess what is in your environment.

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