More Reason To Crank Up The Stereo!

There was an article in Conscious Living linking music to increased immunity.  When I am down, I want to listen to music.  Not just any music.  I want music from my high school and college years.  Music from before I got sick.  Songs that when heard can transport me back to a very specific time in my life; a carefree time when I am healthy.

My friend Liz recently told me that she had heard about music therapy and Alzheimer’s Patients.  The theory was that if music was played from a time when the patients were younger, thought memories could be evoked.  I found this information on the Alzheimer’s Foundation (Most people associate music with important events and a wide array of emotions. The connection can be so strong that hearing a tune long after the occurrence evokes a memory of it.)

This is all the more reason for me to blast the oldies when I am home by myself or to download a few of these to my ipod and stick my ear buds in my ears and listen even when I am not by myself. I hope you enjoy my selections from my past.

Maggie May by Rod Stewart takes me right back to a local drive-in hanging out with friends from school. 

There are many more songs that can take me back to a particular time and place. Recently my sister and I were talking and reminiscing about songs on our drive back from the Daffodil Festival and Daffodil Hill. One of the musicians we began thinking about was Gordon Lightfoot. As we drove home, we tried to remember all the words to this song. I was a senior in high school about this time and my sister was a sophomore.

From my college years is Roberta Flack

I was reminded by Roberta Flack from acflory at Meeka’s Mind and again about Gordon Lightfoot by Anneb54

So what songs would you BLAST from your stereo? What kinds of memories would they bring back to you?


12 responses to “More Reason To Crank Up The Stereo!

  1. Interesting questions, Kathy. I was fifteen when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, so my first choices would be from their repertoire. Songs like “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah” or “Hey, Jude” or “When I’m sixty-four.” The last song played in my head all this past year. When anyone asked my age, I sang the song! As of tomorrow, I reach Medicare age and can’t legitimately sing the song in response. Time flies! Hugs, Jennie

    • Jennie – I remember when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. I begged my dad to let me watch them on our television. He said no. So I went to a girlfriend’s house around the corner and watched and screamed with her. I remember you telling me about singing “When I’m sixty-four” in response to questions. Hey, my mom always said that she should start counting backwards on her age. So maybe you can still sing it.


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  4. I generally prefer classic rock. I’m not sure about “blasting” because it would aggravate my 24/7 bad headaches, but when stress or struggles increase, I like to listen to New Age music.

    • Wow, didn’t know you suffered so with headaches. I am truly sorry. I have trigeminal neuralgia on the left side of my face only. There was a time that I couldn’t get out of bed unless I took a pain pill and then couldn’t go to sleep without one to calm the nerve pain. I am happy to say that while I still suffer with it, it is not nearly as severe and I don’t feel it daily as I once did.

      • That sounds like quite a painful struggle. Glad to know it is not as bad as it used to be. Lets hope it continues to go in the right direction.
        This past February marked 3 years of 24/7 headaches. This is no exaggeration. In the beginning it was much, much worse. I couldn’t be upright for more than 10 minutes at a time without intense excruciating pain and burning. Most days were spent in bed. After several months of doctor visits and medications that didn’t help and couldn’t determine what was wrong, I finally found some alternative therapies and providers which are helping. The headaches are now on average “bad” instead of “excruciating” on most days, which is a significant improvement, and I can usually be upright all day. It’s a slow process, but headed in the right direction. I can’t take medications – I’m highly sensitive to those also and many have side effects worse than the ailment.

      • What happened that brought on your headaches? I think many of us with chemical sensitivities or environmental illnesses have detox pathway mechanism problems and therefore don’t do well with many medications. I have a huge list of medications that I cannot take.

  5. 24/7 headaches — what a terrible condition to have. My thoughts go to you.

    Kathryn, thanks for Maggie May. I have always loved it, especially the mandolins. I am glad that I helped remind you of Gordon Lightfoot. — and I am impressed that you remembered the lyrics!

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