I have arrived!

I HAVE ARRIVED!   My webpage is up for viewing.  I am so excited to have you take a look at it.  The comments section should be working although I am waiting to find out where the messages will go.

I would appreciate feedback if you have any difficulties viewing it through your browser.  Thank you.

17 responses to “I have arrived!

  1. Congrats!! Looks great!
    Two things I notice on QUICK glance
    Your live link bar….the word author is bumped onto the next line Usually all on same line so might have to change font or font size
    Second your “about the book section” the words ‘spill’ off the page, perhaps it needs a scroll down toggle like “about author” page does? (or again perhaps change font or font size works best)

  2. It looks beautiful on Chrome, Kathryn. Two things I noticed, both link related:
    1) “About Book” – Where’s the “the”? Maybe it should read “About the Book” or, simply, “The Book.” Same goes for
    2) “About Author.” They sound awkward – almost foreign – without that “the.”

    I have another concern, but don’t feel it’s something for a public forum. I’ll check your About page here, and see if there’s a contact form.

  3. macnroxie@comcast.net

    I love it !!! congrat ulations its pretty and fitting to what you told me you wanted to convey. this will be a great success.

  4. Wonderful.. I have been reading the notifications in my inbox. I truly understand some of your issues. Yesterday I ate at a new restaurant in Turlock and tried what looked like a simple salad. I forgot to ask about the dressing. By the time I was done, I had a raging migraine. I am Still recuperating from that today. Congrats!!!.

  5. Katherine Henry, MD


    Congratulations! You are a real trooper. I hope every EI patient will read your book and gain insight and strength to battle through to wellness and a normal life. I admire you and all that you have done.

    Katherine Henry, MD

  6. Your site looks great. What an accomplishment. I had no trouble navigating it in Chrome.

  7. Yay! Congratulations! What a great accomplishment!

  8. Looooove it! But I am having issues on the “About the Book” page – I’m using Safari on a Mac OS X 10.6.8, and that page the text is enlarged so that it goes outside the box laid out for it, making it difficult to read. But every other page is clean and beautiful! 🙂

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