Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) – Fact or Fiction?

Interesting! What do you say?


MCS can leave you helpless, alone, lonely, frightened, and embarrassed. You try to seek out help but carefully so no one finds out your problem. You make secret calls when you are alone trying to find answers, or are there any answers? Family and friends turn their backs if you dare speak of your ills. Your spouse or significant other might leave you, your own children can make you physically ill just by being in the same room with you, people outside will point at you or laugh or even be intimidated by you if you wear a face mask while you are out. If you don’t wear a face mask when you are out you can’t breathe the same air as the next person because to you the air burns your lips, and face and lungs.

You might have a seizure, or vomit or become too dizzy to walk…

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