Playing spoons

I am a spoonie. I think the Spoon Theory by Christine is right on when explaining our energies.

Based on a Sprue Story

Are you a spoonie?

No, I didn’t mean Moonie. The word spoonie is a catchall term for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. I first learned it from Rachel’s fantastic blog Do I Look Sick?and then I started seeing it all over: in other blogs, Tumblrs, Twitter bios and hashtags, even tattoos.

It’s a catchy name, in my opinion, because it’s a bit silly (and therefore a more pleasant self-descriptor than, say, patient or sufferer—ugh) and because it brings together people who share similar concerns but risk never realizing it because of the differences between their particular conditions.

The term comes from “The Spoon Theory” by Christine Miserandino, Christine’s story of explaining to a friend how it feels to live with lupus. Since they were at a diner, Christine used spoons as a visual aid. She collected a pile of them and said that…

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5 responses to “Playing spoons

  1. Whole differnt meaning of how I have “played spoons” — bones– & a washboard with mnay bands over the years!!! 🙂 hee hee

  2. I guess I’m a spoonie, although I don’t like that term. I used to teach my patients how to manage with multiple medical problems, but not that I’m in their shoes, it doesn’t seem as easy.

  3. Thanks for reblogging, Kathryn! Quirky, what don’t you like about the term? Is it that it oversimplifies the management of medical issues?

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