Catch Up Monday – The Beginning of the End – revisited

This was first posted on May 6, 2012.  It is the short version of what started my downhill spiral.  I had no idea back then how sick I would get or that I would some day be telling my story to the world.

I received a call that I had been selected for a position as a school secretary.  I was so excited to return to work that I never questioned the comment by a co-worker that she sometimes burned a candle to mask a smell the office sometimes had.  I never asked what it was or what could be causing it.  I was just so excited to return to work after being home forever.  I was hired during the end of the school year so we spent a month cleaning the office when school ended (file cabinets, the old walk-in safe, etc.).  Before I knew it I was sick.  Antibiotics wouldn’t touch the sinus infection.  When things never seemed to go away I was referred to a ENT specialist.  The pain was so bad yet nothing would come out of my sinuses.  We had scheduled surgery for December.  In my book I describe what happened next.

…..scheduled another appointment with me to see how my sinuses looked and he said he would try and aspirate the sinuses.  My appointment was for the afternoon.

I arrived at the office not knowing what aspirating the sinuses meant….A numbing agent was placed on the gum and the underside of the lip area. …Then I was given a couple of shots of anesthetic to further numb the area.  I made the mistake of looking at the tray of tools he would use — a hammer and large type of nail.  There were also some needles.  I began to get nervous and to panic.  ..He returned a short time later, took the nail and placed it at the gum line and began tapping at it with the hammer in an attempt to get through the sinus cavity….I could not feel the nail but my head shook violently with each tap of the hammer.  An eternity seemed to pass before the nail broke through the sinus cavity.  The doctor placed a syringe in the whole the nail had made in the sinus cavity and flushed it with saline.  NOTHING HAPPENED! …..I had gone through this awful ordeal and my sinuses had not drained.

This was just the beginning of many things I endured to get to where I am today.  This illness has taken its toll emotionally, physically and financially.  I am happy to say that I am progressing slowly but progressing none the less.


7 responses to “Catch Up Monday – The Beginning of the End – revisited

  1. Such a traumatic experience!

    • Yes it was very traumatic but sad to say there have been far worse things happen to me since that time. I can let those things control me or I can take control over my life and accept what and how it is. I choose to take the power back.

  2. Kathryn,
    You are so strong and I find what you write both humbling and inspiring. That you have endured so much and yet are here today with a positive attitude is fantastic. I can’t even imagine how much of a struggle it must be at times.

    • Katie – Thank you. It is a struggle but as you can see from the comments of others, there are many of us out there. I had to either develop a better attitude or succumb to the depths of despair that was my life for so many years. I hope that I can show others that despite the difficulties, there is hope for a life yet.

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