New Cancer Drugs

I recently read this post on the Aspergillus Website Blog.  The article talks about the development of new cancer drugs and looking at a form of aspergillus in the development of the new drugs.  Hmm!  I already have aspergillus in my body, it is one of the molds that has made me sick.  Now they are talking about using it in drugs.  Not that I would be able to tolerate the chemicals in these cancer fighting medications, but using aspergillus gives me the chills.



2 responses to “New Cancer Drugs

  1. Patricia Lush

    Me too! In fact the more I learn about the conventional practice of medicine the more I am convinced to avoid it except for broken bones, cuts needing stitches and life threatening emergencies.

  2. AMEN– & I would think twice before I would use conventional medicine for life threatening emergencies!! We have used no chemical drugs at all for years–& I don’t plan on ever using them again— we use alternative medicine– & prevention– & we eat no meat-&-eat no sugar–& eat no gluten– & no GMO’s –& no chemically treated food–& we avoid processed food–& we try to eat the best all natural food possible– we really are what we eat– drink & breathe!!! We live in a MCS safe home as free of all fragrances & chemicals as possible!! PREVENTION– & alternative medicine– & diet– is our plan!!

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