When You Aren’t The Only One

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.’” — C.S. Lewis

This quote was on a post from fellow blogger August McLaughin.  As I read the quote, it took me back to the beginning of my illness. I was getting sicker and sicker and sicker. Everyone kept asking if there was anyone else like me.  I had to admit that I didn’t know of anyone.  This feeling of being the “only one” isolated me even more.  Why was there no one else like me?

Suddenly while searching aspergillus mold on the internet I found the Aspergillus Support Group.  Shortly after joining and telling a little of my story, I discovered a woman in the UK who had the same thing going on in her sinuses.  She became my first friend with this illness.

A few years later while in Dallas, I discovered many more like me.  I no longer felt that I was the “only one” and in the process met many amazing women and developed many life-long friendships.  Learning that there are others like us forms bonds that we might not otherwise make.  I have also met and friended some amazing people since beginning this blog.  Despite this illness, I treasure every friendship I have made because of the illness.  It helps to know we are not alone.

How has finding someone else like you forged new friendships and bonds for you?

12 responses to “When You Aren’t The Only One

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  2. SEVERAL– SEVERAL YEARS AGO NOW— I said—to God—I really expected a total healing—after all– about a zillion other sick people have prayed over me to be healed & HERE I AM STILL SICK!! 🙂 –So I said—I’m tired of people praying over me—& no action – either by my wicked ways—& sin in my life —or my non-belief –(as most all the people who wanted to pray over me to heal me- were as sick or sicker than I was in one way or another!!) So I said—Father God– if I am useable for you—please use this MCS & health problems–that I have- to help others—so believe it or not—my phone rang that very afternoon & it was someone who had a friend of a friend who had health problems like I had & no doctor had been able to help them—& some one they knew gave them my phone number—& from then on—the phone rang—I received e-mails—letters—& everyone of them felt alone—no one seemed to understand their illness—etc etc etc—& then I started a round robin e-mail— & also sent out e-mails with information—I knocked on e-mail doors every day to check on people – & the numbers kept growing & growing—& I was over whelmed by the numbers—& e-mails & I could not keep up— & some of my MCS sisters said– you should start a blog—& share information—& that was like 3 or 4 years ago now or even longer—& I said—I know nothing about a blog—or how to do it— & last Sept. the numbers of those e-mailing me –became sooo many—I jumped in with both feet & started the blog http://sondasmcschatter.wordpress.com & the numbers have continued to grow— I now have THOUSANDS & I do mean thousands of MCS sisters & from all over the USA & all over the world!!! I AM NO LONGER ALONE—— I HAVE THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS OF MCS SISTERS & OTHERS WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS—WHO ARE NOW FAMILY!!!!! We all share information—I have met the best people in the world (and not hardly any of them in real life all by internet)—all because of my health problems & God using me—& so it is proof that God can use anyone!!! 🙂 So keep sharing the information about MCS & why people should stop using the terrible toxic chemicals & perfume—& eating crap—- etc –etc—etc—etc— as I am in shock how all of us have found each other—now & if we ALL share the positive word—& keep working—we can change things little by little by little!!!

  3. This is how I feel with Cowden’s Syndrome and since being diagnosed. Finding others with this genetic condition buoys me up!

  4. Kathy:

    We shared the experience of meeting at Dr Rea’s clinic in Dallas when we both were quite ill and starting our journeys through MCS, and for me EMF sensitivity. I treasured the moments we carved out for ourselves to share friend activities, taken for granted before life lost its normal arc for us. I still remember, as we have noted in our conversations, the times we sat in the “safe” apartments at Regina Coeli looking at catalogs to find something tolerable to wear and sharing girl talk about everything. It helped me stay sane at a very unsettling time.

    What are the odds we would ever have met? Our illnesses brought us together, and we became good friends as a result. Now we have both written about our experiences with MCS and continue to write to help others. And you have become my Internet guru so I can make what I write more visible! I am so grateful for our friendship!


    • Jennie – your comment brings tears to my eyes. Had we not both been ill and in Dallas at the same time our chances of ever connecting were slim to none. I would have missed out on a beautiful friendship and bond that developed because of our meeting so long ago. I am so excited about your book and will continue to share about it. Again, what are the odds that we would both have written books?

      Blessings to you too my dear friend.

  5. That was one of the reasons I started following your blog. Your allergies are much worse than mine, but it was nice to know others share my same fate. While I still have not met another blogger with Myasthenia Gravis or Epilepsy, I have met a lot of great people.

  6. Finding the people like me totally changed my attitude about my illness. It went from being something to be ashamed of and to hide, to something I needed to stand up for because there were others like me.

    • Rachel – That is absolutely right. I feel that way about this blog and my book. I feel like I am sharing my story, but it is also the story of others. I have learned so much from reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  7. There are three people I know personally who have a sensitivity to fragrance and chemicals. I seem to be the worst case.
    The rest of the people I know who are sensitive, I have met online through blogging.

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