When your child develops your illness.

I recently read a post from Adventures of An Allergic Foodie discussing her own ride with illness and celiac disease.  In her post “Words to Live By” she discusses what it is like when your child follows down the same path.  It is a sensitive post about a mother’s angst of having her son have to deal with celiac disease.

4 responses to “When your child develops your illness.

  1. I can relate, I go through the same angst with my daughter developing ME/CFS (Mycosis) from being exposed to toxic mold. It’s hard… you wish your child didn’t have to suffer!

    • Dana – None of us wants to see our children suffer. I have always wished my daughter didn’t have asthma, now my granddaughter has it. My sister had it as a very young child and I developed it as an adult. So sorry that she is suffering.

  2. It’s horrible. For me, the guilt is huge. My daughter had the food allergies from age seven, yet mine are only recent. Now, it looks like she has mild chemical sensitivities too. Mould, which is no surprise. The one good thing: she knows not to use chemical based products–yet like all young girls, wants to paint her nails. It’s the one thing I’d take away and carry it only myself if I could. Their lives are just starting, so of course we don’t want them to have to deal with what we have had to deal with. The one thing we can change: the way people perceive our illness; the elements of discrimination; and the amount of eduction that is out there. Love your blog! Just posted a link to someone suffering similar things that you have. Hope it helps! Miche x

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