What happened when and overdose of medication caused hypersensitivity.

In the summer of 2003 I was mistakenly given the wrong amount of my thyroid medication.  My usual dose was .75 mcg.  My refill was 1.75 mcg.   I realized this after taking it for nearly a week.  I was advised to stop for a week and then start again.  Unfortunately, in the condition I was in, the over dose caused me to be sensitized to my thyroid medication.  My body was not hypersensitive to it.   I spent weeks trying to find an alternative and to test for it.  During one of my testing sessions I became extremely ill.  Following is a brief excerpt from Allergic to Life that talks about my reaction.

I was becoming disoriented and was placed on oxygen. My tester was the only one in our testing room and, therefore, could not leave the room when there were other patients testing. She tapped on the window and a tester from the next room came and took me into an exam room to lie down. I was given a pillow and a blanket. I was told that because my tester could not leave the room, he would come back and check on me. I became sicker and sicker. No one came. I began getting very cold and I was having difficulty breathing. Patients and staff would pass through the hallway near my room but I could not get anyone’s attention. I was becoming frightened; I was feeling very sick. Finally I managed to slip off my sandal and began banging it on the porcelain wall in hopes that someone would hear me. I banged and banged on the wall.

It seemed like an eternity before someone came in. Of course, when I am in a reaction a minute seems like an eternity. They immediately got Dr. Rea and his assistant. I was shaking, my breathing was difficult, I was freezing, and I had some tremors. The medical assistant hooked me up to an oxygen tank. Dr. Rea and his assistant started doing some energy work with me. They called my tester in to see what I was reacting to. I was beginning to go into shock. I was freezing and could not get warm. A staff member ran to the sauna room and got warm blankets. I think I had every blanket in the center on me in an effort to bring up my body temperature. Earl was able to pick me up when the center closed. Dr. Rea wanted me to make an appointment to see him the next day. I went home and went to bed.


7 responses to “What happened when and overdose of medication caused hypersensitivity.

  1. WHAT?! Who does that? Did you pursue action against that pharmacy? MY GOODNESS. I’m glad you’re OK now…..?

    • This was a small pharmacy that we had been using for years. He immediately contacted his insurance company and they were in immediate contact with me. Yes, I eventually found a medication and then much later (in the last couple of years) was able to take the medication that I had become sensitized to. It was rather frightening. I had been feeling strange for a couple of days and not doing well in my usual testing. One morning at 2:00 a.m. something told me to look at my medication bottle. I had to wait until the pharmacy opened and phoned immediately and found that they had incorrectly entered the dose in the computer.

  2. I’ve never heard of anyone being sensitive to thyroid, but there’s always a first. I can’t take the generic because it doesn’t work; it’s like taking water. As long as I take Synthroid I do okay. I used to take 3.25 mcg, but with taking an herb to support the thyroid, my doctor slowly decreased me to 1 mcg. I’m no longer taking the herb, but I have to wait 3 months before labs can be drawn to see what change needs to be made in my dose. Every now and again my drug store likes to give me the generic version. I’ve made it a habit to look at the drug names before leaving the store. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay attention to the dose until I get home.

    • They also couldn’t believe anyone could be allergic or sensitive to Benadryl because it is supposed to help with allergic reactions. But I am here to tell you that you can be. I had a horrible reaction during an IV push of Benadryl. I wish I had looked at the label on the bottle when it arrived but I was busy with the business of testing and never looked at it.

  3. That sounds so scary to be all alone! 😦

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