Playing with the kids

I am going to be babysitting all three grandchildren this weekend.  I doubt if I will have a chance to get anywhere near the computer until they are asleep at night and I probably will need to go to sleep by then.

My next post will be Catch UP Mondays.

Have a good weekend all.  It is supposed to be 104+ this weekend.  Oh joy.

3 responses to “Playing with the kids

  1. Enjoy the grandchildren and stay cool.

  2. Enjoy the grandchildren– it has been HOT– HOT here in beautiful Branson, Mo. USA also– but we are suppose to cool down some this week end!! I hope so & praying for a nice easy soaking rain– for us & everyone who needs it!!!!! Enjoy your week end!!!! later—-

    • I had a great time with the grandchildren. I am extremely pooped out but it was lots of fun having them with me. Today it was 106 and tomorrow they are predicting 111 and 113 on Tuesday. UGH! Need a chlorine-free pool.

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