I’ve Made A Decision!

Finally, I have made a decision.  I have been talking and talking about this darn tooth that needs pulling.  I have debated about pulling it out or going through a very difficult procedure to allow for a permanent crown and the possibility that the tooth may still die.  I have talked about my intuition telling me to not go to the doctor that my biological dentist recommended to have the tooth extracted whose office is an hour away because they used to burn scented candles.  I have talked about going into an oral surgeon’s office locally to see if I could tolerate it only to spend two days in and out of bed.

I then talked about going against my gut instinct when I thought I did better after making the drive and checking out the original oral surgeon’s office.  I then talked about what happened when I decided to go against my gut and choose the first oral surgeon and he refused to work on me.

Last week I phoned the local oral surgeon’s office and spoke again with his surgical assistant.  She had originally told me the would try to accommodate me.  I decided to find out what they would be willing to do because I need to get this done so my mouth and my health can recover.  I finally got to speak with her on Friday morning while babysitting the grandbabies.

She told me that she would remove the air fresheners on Thursday.  She would allow the office to not have them Thursday and Friday and there would be no patients on Saturday or Sunday. She would not put anything back into the office until I no longer needed to see the surgeon.   She would reschedule other patients to later day appointments so that I could be a first patient and be in and out before any other patients came into the office and if necessary take me out the back door.  She would text all staff early Monday morning and remind them not to wear lotions or fragrances including the oral surgeon.  She would order whatever supplies that my biological dentist recommends be used for me.  While this is not a perfect solution as you all and I know the chemicals will still be there but at least the plug-ins won’t be spewing them into the air for a few days before I get there.  But she is willing to mitigate my exposure the best she can and try and make me as comfortable as she can.

I made the decision that this is as good as it is going to get and scheduled the appointment.  My scheduled appointment is Monday, July 29th at 8:00 a.m. PSD.  I will schedule an appointment with my acupuncturist if I can for the same day and try to get an IV scheduled for Wednesday with my ENT because he is out of the office on Tuesdays.

So my intuition was right!  This other guy out-of-town was the wrong choice.  I had no idea he would be so unwilling to accommodate my sensitivities but my gut instincts were telling me no and I tried to override them.  The whole time I had thought the local oral surgeon’s office would be the best choice but chose to ignore it because I had become ill while visiting the office when in fact his office was the one willing to work with me.  I need to trust in my intuition.  I need to trust that it is right when my brain tells me otherwise.

Have you ever gone against your intuition by listening to your brain instead of your gut?  Were you ever able to find out that your intuition was right before you went through with the wrong decision?  I would love to hear from you.

I also will be asking for some healing thoughts from you as my time gets nearer.  I have had teeth pulled before with not very good outcomes.  I had wisdom teeth pulled and dealt with horrible dry socket.  I had four teeth pulled in my 30’s to allow for braces to fix my TMJ issue.  I was given Valium through an IV while the work was performed.  I knew from my TMJ issue that Valium, even 2 mg., would leave me goofy for days but never thought anything about them using it in an IV.  The Valium didn’t leave my system and settled in my vein causing a horrible reaction and infection in my arm.  And I guess I felt more than I realized because my wedding band looked like a big D when it was all over and I had to have it put back into a circle.

17 responses to “I’ve Made A Decision!

  1. “Have you ever gone against your intuition by listening to your brain instead of your gut? Were you ever able to find out that your intuition was right before you went through with the wrong decision? I would love to hear from you.”—–( My first marriage 🙂 I should have listened to my gut & my Dad!! hee hee )
    I am uplifting you & all your care givers– & asking God to be in total control of every tiny little detail– even ones we would not think of— & for a great healing & for a calm & peace for you as you have this work done & I ask all these things in Jesus Name!!! ( love ya— all will be ok– relax!!! 🙂 )

  2. Wow I am very impressed with the help they offered.

  3. Good luck on you tooth. I’m sure you’ll feel better once it’s taken care of. I saw my dentist on Mon and have to have a cavity filled. It’s at the top back of a lower tooth. He said it won’t need numbed up. The last time they tried to do that the vibration drove me crazy. My wedding band may look like yours when he gets done. It’s scheduled for next week. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me. 🙂

  4. It is so hopeful to know there are professionals out there who will do the best they can to accommodate patients with sensitivities. I understand the situation isn’t ideal, but their willingness to go to those lengths is heartening.

    Intuition: There are way too many instances than I’m willing to admit (oh, but maybe I just did) in which I ignored my inner knowing and let my brain take over. There isn’t one instance I recount in which my brain was right. The older I get, the more I honor, er, listen to my intuition. Of late, I’ve taken to saying, “Intuition says… [whatever it says],” and that’s my final answer.

    • I agree Ellen. You know I have had more luck in my home town of doctors bending over backwards to try and make things work than anywhere else.

      I am learning to quit listening to my brain so much and more to what “intuition” is saying. Sometimes it is difficult because the brain can be so convincing!

  5. Intuition is usually right! I hope it goes very, very smoothly for you.

  6. Every time I ignore my gut and that characteristic “nagging” feeling I get telling me to lean toward a certain way, I end up regretting it. I listen to that voice because it has been right every time so far.
    As far as the dentist office, she was quite accommodating for you. I recently went to the dentist, but previously asked for the air fresheners to be turned off for several days prior to my appointment. They said dentists offices usually smell bad, so they use air fresheners, and the only thing they said they would do was to not turn it on during the day of my appointment, even though I told them I got very sick last time. I knew that wouldn’t be adequate because it takes a long time for the smell of air fresheners to decrease. As I suspected, just leaving them off for one day did not make a difference.


  8. Yay for finding such nice people! Maybe after this experience they’ll keep the air fresheners out for good!

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