Letter to Patients with Chronic Disease

First I need to apologize to the person whose blog directed me to the blog “Musings of a Distractable Mind”.  I have searched and searched and can’t still can’t figure it out.

In his blog, Dr. Rob wrote a Letter to Patients with Chronic Disease.  I found the letter insightful and he received nearly 200 comments to this blog post.  Please check it out and I would love to hear your feedback.

12 responses to “Letter to Patients with Chronic Disease

  1. WOW——THANKS FOR SHARIING THIS— I have not read all the comments– etc etc etc etc—- BUT— I have chosen ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE– & ALTERNATIVE HEALTH CARE— BECAUSE I WAS SENT HOME TO DIE—SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY TIMES FROM THE MEDICAL DOCTORS & SPECIALISTS OVER THE PAST –OH MY GOSH HOW MANY YEARS NOW—- If I had a nickel for very medical doctor I have seen over the years who had no clue at all of any kind–If I had a nickle from each of them— I would be worth millions!! And with out God I would have died & I mean died soooooooooooooo many times–because the medical doctors just said– go home make your self comfortable– in other words get ready to die & – I don’t have faith in medical doctors any more– NONE !!!!!!!!!!!! BUT with darned good reason for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if I had followed them– I would be dead as a door knob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have such a close bond with thousands of other MCS sisters because they have been through the same things–with hundreds of tests– & drugs– & medical doctors– & now have turned to alternative medicine & alternative health care & no drugs!!! Well I really should not even get started on this one– as I didn’t come with brakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thanks for sharing Kathryn— I totally believe with eveything about me to believe– I have made the bond & connection with the thousands of MCS sisters that I have for all these years– because NONE OF US– HAD MEDICAL DOCTORS WHO UNDERSTOOD OUR ILLNESS– OR KNEW HOW TO TREAT US!! AND we found answers & support & information & HELP in each other!!!!!! OK– I -will step off my soap box now!!!! Thank you!!!!!

    • You are welcome Sonda. I wish I could give the person credit whose blog I got this from. One click of the computer and it was gone and I couldn’t seem to retrieve it. I appreciate hearing from everyone.

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  3. very interesting. i think it’s great to have a doctor’s perspective. i’m sure many of us have been dismissed by multiple doctors only to wonder why – i think Dr. Rob’s letter can help us understand why, and find a better way to approach those doctors. of course, i’m still frustrated that some of the doctors i saw were big jerks, but reading Dr. Rob’s letter makes it a little easier to just let it go. thanks for sharing.

  4. I have seen a doctor 2 years after he sent me home to die– & I thought he was going to die of a heart attack when he saw me—- when he said– oh— my you look great– what did you do– & I TOLD HIM—ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE– NO MORE DRUGS– he didn’t want to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I totally agree with you Kathryn— or even saying to our face–we were crazy!!!!! BUT– I just pitty the other people who also have the misfortune of going to those doctors & not receiving help!!!!! And I have had doctors tell me later– they sent me to other specialists because they had gotten to know me well enough they didn’t want to watch me die!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that sweet???? 🙂 NOT!! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! It was an eye opener, and it really is interesting to hear a doctor’s perspective. Like most chronic disease patients, I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of bad doctors, rude doctors, uninterested doctors, the list goes on. I think this is a really helpful perspective for us to have because like it or not, we’re stuck working consistently with them for the rest of our lives.
    Thanks again!

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  8. I loved his article and can relate it. I opted to follow him. Having nursed for 40+ years, I can understand the frustration. Sometimes there are no easy answers. There are many disorders out there without a known cause. That makes it exceptionally difficult to treat. Personally, I believe the junk they put in food is more of a culprit than many people are aware of. Food allergies often present themselves in weird ways. I get silly drunk on cherry soda. Who would think of that as an allergic reaction? The medications taken for one disorder can cause ‘symptoms’ of other problems.
    I would loved to be “fixed” of all my problems, especially the pain and ringing in my ears. Realistically, that ain’t gonna happen. All the doctors do is throw another pill at me, or tack on another diagnosis, hoping to find something that will work. God is the only one able to heal me. I need to be patient.
    I’m glad you happened onto his blog. He should be interesting reading.

    • I, too, am following him. I agree that all the food additives and preservatives are causing way more problems than they are willing to admit. Reactions can cause all kinds of silly behavior. I watched a young girl being tested for a chemical, and she became giddy and danced all around the room. Adding pills to relieve symptoms from one illness/disease often times does cause more symptoms which lead to a diagnosis and more pills instead of figuring out it was the first round of pills.

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