Here we go again!

Well I am back to square one with my tooth. The oral surgeon that I had an appointment with later this month has decided after reviewing my history, allergies, and sensitivities that I would be better off somewhere else. I am now being referred to an oral surgeon’s office an hour from me in the other direction from the first one who refused me. It is a satellite office of the University of California San Francisco. He thinks it is a better setting for me and they will be more equipped to work with me.    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  They won’t do anything any different.  He is just covering his behind.   The office person said I can understand your frustration.  I told her she had no idea my frustration and I hung up.  Tomorrow I will call the other office and see what is going on.

What infuriates me even more is that I moved my LDA treatment back a month to get this tooth done.  I may or may not be able to get my old appointment time back.  If not, then I have to keep my August appointment because I cannot go longer than six months without my treatment.  This means that I won’t be able to get my tooth pulled until at least late September.  Keep a good thought for me as I try to sort this all out.

19 responses to “Here we go again!

  1. Maybe the WILL do something different! Have you talked to them yet?

    What’s LDA?

    • I will call tomorrow. It is just difficult traveling because my husband is his father’s caregiver and we have to make arrangements for someone else to come in.

      LDA is Low Dose Antigen therapy.

      You can search LDA in the categories and find out more.

  2. So sorry to hear of your troubles getting this tooth addressed. SO frustrating. Hang in there you will get it all sorted out I KNOW it!

  3. This is unbelievable. Do all these dentists think it’s that hard to step outside their routines for just one day???? I mean if these surgeons worked in an hospital operating theatre, wouldn’t they have to scrub up and do far, far more to operate on a patient?

    Don’t you think it’s time to name and shame?


  5. What the heck?? I agree they’re covering their behinds, and at your expense, health, and peace of mind. I hope you’re able to recover that changed appointment time, Kathryn. You are in my prayers for the best and swiftest resolution to this.

  6. How frustrating. Doctors do have to protect themselves because of the way people now sue for malpractice. I have had to convince some that I wouldn’t die even if I was exposed to trigger chemicals.

  7. SO frustrating!!!

  8. This is the perfect example of how much more a mold exposure will complicate and effect one’s life after the exposure! Reminds me of how much I used to take for granted and not appreciate!

    I feel your frustration Kathy!

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