My favorite place!

Tomorrow my husband and I are taking a drive to my favorite place with my daughter, the beach in Monterey.  I will sit on a blanket listening to the roar of the ocean and eat my lunch.  I will soak up the ocean air and the serenity of this wonderful place.   I am so looking forward to a day away from looking for dentists, sitting at my computer, and housework.

The beautiful WavesOne of many pelicans at the wharf

12 responses to “My favorite place!

  1. Have a fabulous day. There’s nothing like being by the sea to ‘blow the cobwebs’ away 🙂

  2. Catherine Johnson


  3. Looks wonderful and relaxing.

  4. So nice to hear that you will be getting out for a little sunshine. Hope you enjoy it. Will be in touch shortly about a possible re-shoot of your episode.

  5. You go girl—- have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to hear you have this opportunity!!!! ENJOY!!!!

  6. What a great photo!

  7. I’m not much for the beach, but that place looks awesome!

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