things that are needlessly complicated by illness: the haircut

Haircuts are a big deal. In the beginning my previous hairdresser would bring a chair out into the alleyway of her shop, spritz my hair with water, clip, clip, clip, and I would run home and rewet it and dry it just to see if the cut was a good one and even. She sold her shop and couldn’t do my hair anymore. I found someone else who came and did it in my back yard and we plugged the hairdryer into a socket on the patio. Then he left. Number three came and did my hair outdoors the same and even came in and put a tyvek suit on in the winter.

Now I go to my daughter’s home and a woman comes there to cut my hair. The list of tasks that have become more difficult is endless. Today I had to go to the store to get my bottled water that they special order for me. I needed my 7th Generation Laundry soap. There were no store employees nearby so I wrangled a young man and asked him to go down the aisle and get it for me. Oh BOTHER!

Musings of a Dysautonomiac

An entire book could probably be written about simple things that are made much more difficult by dysautonomia and ME/CFS. Some I have mentioned before and are probably pretty obvious: Exercise. Showering. Standing. But others may not seem so obvious.

I don’t want to be a traitor to my gender, but I hate getting my haircut. Hate.  Haircuts may seem fairly easy – you let someone massage your head, then sit in a chair for 30 minutes and chit chat while someone cuts and styles your hair. Minimal energy, right?

Wrong. Getting a haircut becomes an ordeal, on multiple levels. First, I don’t like that washbasin-sink thing where you sit up, but tilt your head back at some ridiculous angle. Tilting my head in certain directions can easily result in vertigo without any warning. It’s also painful and causes a headache.

Next, salons often have those fluorescent doctor’s office bright…

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2 responses to “things that are needlessly complicated by illness: the haircut

  1. Oh gosh I hear ya!

    I’ve started cutting my own hair :S

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