Living the Homeless Life with MCS

Vanessa and I are friends on Planet Thrive.  Vanessa is in search of a safe place to live.  In the meantime she lives out of her car and her tent year-round.  Vanessa has posted a five-part series on Living Homeless on  the Planet Thrive website.  I have spoken with Vanessa and received her permission to post them here on my blog.    Vanessa is a true survivor with a vast knowledge of living outdoors. I asked Vanessa to write a short bio to give some background before I begin the five-part series.  This is what she wrote:

Vanessa is presently living in the western U.S. in search of places to live relatively free of herbicides, pesticides, wood smoke, vehicle exhaust, etc.  She lives in her car and tent (as weather permits).  She has depleted her life savings waiting for assistance so she can move on with her life by affording housing and medical treatments.  Vanessa is a strong advocate for preventing people from becoming homeless which is why she wrote the five-part series on being homeless and coping with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  Prior to being re-injured in 2007 she was employed with the State of Montana, practiced martial arts, beading, camping and going out with her friends.  She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with several years in the insurance industry and business licensing.  Having several years experience in camping and hiking, this has helped her to survive living outdoors for the past four years.  Vanessa writes blog posts on Planet Thrive documenting her journey of survival, coping with humor, interactions with people, law enforcement and animals, while dealing with MCS.  In addition to blogging her new hobbies include reading, studying botany and photography.”

I have asked Vanessa to allow me to also include some of her photography  in my future pieces.

12 responses to “Living the Homeless Life with MCS

  1. Oh– Amen— I have soooooooooooooooooo many MCS sisters who are homeless— I hear from them when they -are able to have wifi— it breaks my heart– & there are sooooo many that no one knows their stories!!!!!!

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  3. My heart breaks here too….so sad to hear that there are so many in this situation….I had no idea!! It was a huge encouragement to read how Vanessa has used her courage and skills to rebuild her life inspite of her MCS and being homeless!!

  4. Wow, I had no idea there were so many homeless people with MCS out there! Its so wonderful Vanessa is willing to share her story.

  5. I’m saddened to learn there are MCS sufferers who are homeless as a result of their illness. This feels like another crack in a disturbingly broken system here in the U.S.

    • I have been fortunate to not be among the homeless suffering with environmental illness. The sad part is that so many still refuse to admit that we can become sensitized to chemicals to such a point as it becomes life threatening. And the chemical companies have so much power in our lives that everywhere we go we are breathing in numerous chemicals.

  6. Would you mind if I reblogged this? We need so much more awareness about homelessness.

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