Open Letter Regarding Chronic Pain

Not too long ago I posted a letter from a doctor.  The letter was an open letter to patients with chronic disease from the perspective of a doctor.  There have been many posts and discussions on my blog and on the blogs of others who suffer from chronic and often “invisible” illnesses.

Recently I came upon this Open Letter From A Person With Chronic Pain featured on spine-health.  The letter could be adapted easily to any of a number of chronic illnesses.  The content of this open letter is something I am sure many of us have said to ourselves, openly to someone else, in a poem reflecting our pain or loss, or in a blog post.  I am passing it along to be included with the other letters and thoughts that many of us have shared as a result of becoming chronically ill.

5 responses to “Open Letter Regarding Chronic Pain

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  2. This is good. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. I found both letters encouraging and insightful. I used to be a nurse until being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, fibromyalgia, and epilepsy all in the same year. I thought I knew all the tricks of health & pain management. I was definitely wrong.
    When the fibro flares up, every inch of my body aches; any place I had ever injured in my life seems to hurt a bit extra. That kind of pain I never understood until I had it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of pain over the years, but it was normally short term. I had a fall in 2008 and have not been pain free since. Yes, there are times I do not hurt; but when I do anything the pain begins. I always tried to be sympathetic and empathetic to my patients, but I never truly understood. No one can until you are going through it; like the old saying, “walk a mile in my shoes”.
    Standard Rx pain medication does little; one even made the pain so much worse that I walked around the house trying to get away from it. I take Ibuprofen, prescription strength, twice a day. It helps some.
    I received an email about the benefits of honey and cinnamon. Honey is almost like a miracle drug; it does so much for the body. I’ve rarely used it because I never liked the flavor. It was mentioned in the email that honey & cinnamon can help with pain. I thought why not. I made some hot tea and put some in it. Sometimes I added just the honey to my coffee instead of sugar. After 2 days I noticed the pain in my hip was slightly less. Then I missed 3-4 days, and the pain worsened again. I’m trying to find ways to include honey into my diet. I love it with oatmeal, including raisins and a generous helping of flaxseed meal.
    I bought some orange blossom honey and like it better than the wildflower. I’m hoping by substituting more honey for sugar it will help with weight loss also.

    • Honey has been said to have amazing healing properties. I had not heard of its ability to help with pain. Thank you for telling us.

      We can never truly empathize with someone unless we have walked in their shoes. I have often said that I wouldn’t wish this on my enemy but I would love for them to walk in my shoes for a while.

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