Let the lamb extravaganza begin!


My lamb stew ingredients.

My lamb stew ingredients.

Yes, it is that time again!  My housework is done and I am prepping for my three-day critical LDA (low dose antigen therapy) period.  The lamb fat is rendered into lard for my breakfast hash browns, the ground lamb is thawing for breakfast starting tomorrow, and my lamb stew is on the stove in anticipation of tomorrow’s lunch and dinner and lunch and dinner (or snacks)

Lamb Meat in the Dutch Oven.

Lamb Meat in the Dutch Oven.

for the next three days.  You can read more about prepping for LDA here.

Dinner is ready!

Dinner is ready!

5 responses to “Let the lamb extravaganza begin!

  1. I’m sorry my dear MCS sister—- but it almost makes me sick looking at it!!!! Of coarse I have not eaten meat in over 25 years now– & the thought of it makes me ill—- we use to raise sheep when I was growing up on the farm— & all I can say is— blessings to you— dear sister!!!!! 🙂 (P.S. The veggies look good!!!!) 🙂 hee hee

  2. Good Luck Kathryn! Thinking of you!

  3. I love lamb, especially lamb chops and rack of lamb – medium rare!
    Lamb is an acquired taste, I think. Most people I know don’t like it.

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