What’s for breakfast?

Breakfast for LDA

Breakfast for LDA

Today is day 1 of the 3 critical day period for my LDA treatment.  I made myself a lamb patty and some hash browns.  My beverage of choice (or the only one allowed me) was a glass of water (Mountain Valley Spring Water in a glass bottle).   You can read more about Day 1 of the critical day diet and LDA on a previous blog post  here.

4 responses to “What’s for breakfast?

  1. ALL I CAN SAY IS —WHAT EVER HELPS YA!!!!!!!!! And that search of the things that do help & don’t help- & the finding the people who do know how to help us— is sometimes a hard road to follow!!

  2. I’m so curious to learn what the results are, Kathryn. Take care.

    • The results of this are always beneficial. But the downside is not feeling so great for a couple of days. It is a long drive there and back and now I am dealing with the itchy arms with some swelling and a massive headache which should disappear in about 2-3 days. I am heading to bed to rest and will come back later and post the rest of today’s LDA information. Also news on the book.

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