Back home (LDA Day 2 continued)

Bless my dear husband.  Once again, he drove me to San Francisco for my LDA treatments.  We left at 8:00 a.m. for an 11:00 a.m. appt.  The drive usually takes 2 1/2 hours giving him a little leeway with traffic.  Traffic was great and we got into the city an hour early.   Since we were early he decided to make a quick stop at the SF Giants’ store to look for some t-shirts.  He made it back to the car in plenty of time to get back on the highway and head to my doctor appointment.  Then we got lost.  Somehow we went the wrong direction and the highway was nowhere in sight.  We asked a taxi cab driver who was a jerk.  Then we got directions from city workers but I think we missed the last part of the directions because we still didn’t make it to the highway.  Finally my husband asked a security guard getting into his car how to get to the highway.  He started to give us directions and then said to my husband to just turn around and follow him and he would take us there.  I have no idea how much further out of his way he went for us but it was much appreciated.  With all the getting lost and asking for directions we made it to my appointment right on time.

I met with the new doctor and had to give him some background on me and talk a little about some questions I had regarding my protocol and if things had changed any.  He felt that because I had been on the therapy for five years that I could start adding foods back in at 7-10 days instead of 15.  PERFECT!  My daughter gets here about that time and I will not have to miss out on many foods because of dietary restrictions.  I really enjoyed this new doctor and look forward to working with him more.

The downside to my treatment, as it is every time, is the headache.  Oh the headache.  And the welts where the injections are given and the itchiness.  There is only one that actually gives me a lot of trouble.

My poor arm!

My poor arm!


I am home and yes my headache is with me (nothing unusual about that).  I got it about 3o minutes after I left the office.  My brain is also a little fuzzy and my concentration is not so great.  On the positive side is that I am not itching nearly as much with the inhalant component of the treatment as I usually do.  Maybe this is a good sign that I won’t be flailing my arm around tonight to distract myself.  I am not allowed to scratch the wheals, put anything on them or ice them.

I ate my lamb stew on the way home as my dear husband munched on his Jack in the Box burger and fries.

I received three injections today.  In my left arm I received the Inhalants (pollens, dust, molds).

17 responses to “Back home (LDA Day 2 continued)

  1. Praying for a good nights REST for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nasty weals. Personally, I would rather have the lamb stew than the burger and fries.

    • The lamb stew is actually quite good it just gets very old after three days 2x a day plus the ground lamb for breakfast. That weal has flattened and spread over a larger area of my arm. Itches like crazy.

  3. That looks painful!! Does it usually swell up like that? How long have you been doing LDA? Do you think it’s working for you? Hope you slept well last night!

    • It hurts and it itches. It is like having a mosquito bite the size of half of your forearm and not being able to scratch at it or put anything on it. Yes this happens every time. The worst lasts about three days for me. I have been doing LDA for about 5 years now. It has helped tremendously so I keep going every five months or so. I slept well last night but today I am itching like crazy. OH HOW I WANT TO SCRATCH!

  4. DON’T SCRATCH IT!!!!!! 🙂
    Thanks again for the beautiful apron— here is your picture I promised you!!!! later gator—

  5. Yikes! That’s quite a welt!

  6. It’s unreal, Kathryn, what you have to go through. I can only hope it’s all for the good.

  7. Thanks for posting on your treatments. I know a couple of people here doing the treatments and I’ve only heard the positives of the treatment.I appreciate you sharing both. I do hope it helps you!

  8. I want you to know I can relate to what you are going through although mine did not end up as severe. I had food allergies and had rashes all over my body when I started going downhill. I had sensitivies to bleach and chemicals, deoderant sprays, colognes and fagrances. I made my husband stop spraying and use a roll on and he had to stop using his colognes so lavishly. I couldn’t stand cigarette smoke and on an on. So I eliminated all the offenders out of my house. Got a colon cleansing, got off dairy products, started eating organic foods, got an alternative doctor and was placed on digestive enzymes, hormone replacement therapy, and taking vitamins and supplements as I get side affects from all drugs. So far it is what saved me before I got any worse. My life is so much better since I took steps to help myself. Doctors didn’t have a clue. Something needs to be done about how we grow foods in this country. It is killing us and we don’t even know it.

  9. EEK! Digestive enzymes mold based??? How do you know which ones are? We recently left our home and everything in it due to mold allergies. Plus my 2 kids and I are having increasing issues with MCS. So hard to explain to others, especially since my brain and speech functions get hit immediately 😉

    • Heidi – I am so sorry that you had to leave everything behind. As far as the digestive enzymes are concerned, you would need to contact the companies directly. I wish I had a list but it something I have managed to do. My brain and speech functions get hit immediately in mold.

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