It’s All In Your Head

That is the name of a poignant book written by Maria McCutchen.  Maria lives with an arachnoid cyst in her head which causes her to have numerous health problems.  She has had many brain surgeries and more than one shunt put in to keep the cyst draining.  Recently Maria has had return of symptoms and new symptoms as well.  Tomorrow morning (Monday) she goes in to have her shunt pressure lowered in hopes of relieving her of the symptoms.

Maria posted on her blog about her procedure tomorrow and asks for prayers that she gets through and that the pressure lowering does not cause even more symptoms for her.  You can visit her blog and read the post here.  I hope all my faithful readers will keep her in their thoughts.

6 responses to “It’s All In Your Head

  1. princessandthepea1

    Hope all goes well for Maria we will keep her in our prayers!!

  2. Prayers ascending for Maria in hopes all will go well.

  3. Thanks for sharing Kathryn— Maria is on my prayer list!!!!!

  4. Thank you all for including Maria in your prayers.

  5. Father, your healing powers are amazing and comforting. Maria, needs you and all that you have for her. Give her and her family courage and strength during this time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    • Thank you Angela for your wonderful words of prayer. I spoke with Maria and she feels a little relief but said it would be a while before she notices if it is really working. I will keep you all updated.

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