Fuzzy Brain

Lake View

Lake View

Yesterday my husband and I got away to spend the day with my daughter and the grandkids at a lake.  She had gone the day before and camped out and we joined her for the day.  It was a lovely day and the lake was beautiful.  The drive is about an hour and a half each way.  We packed a lunch to take with us and

View of the mountains

View of the mountains

off we went.  I waded in the lake with the girls and we walked and just enjoyed being outdoors.  Occasionally I would be overwhelmed by the wonderful scent of

various forms of sunscreen.  The day was warm but even hotter when we returned from the altitude.  I was in bed by 9:00 and am feeling fuzzy headed today.  I just can’t

The majestic pines

The majestic pines

seem to focus on any task.  Perhaps being around all the splendor the lake had to offer leaves my mind not wanting to focus on the tasks and things here at home like tile floors that need a good scrubbing and a patio that needs cleaning before my daughter arrives next week.

5 responses to “Fuzzy Brain

  1. Sunscreen does me in

    Fun day!

  2. Looks like a lovely place.
    Sometimes even a fragrance-free sunscreen bothers me. Certain ingredients have a stronger chemical smell than I can tolerate.

    • The thing is that fragrance-free does not mean chemical free. I still get knocked by “fragrance free laundry soaps” if I get around them. It is not always about the smell we get. I have been knocked down and not even saw what hit me (or more like smelled what hit me).

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